Ready for Spring? Refresh your lingerie drawer and freshen your well-being!

Did you know that your everyday bra needs to be replaced every six months to guarantee breast health and the best support? A long winter not only has a tiring effect on our bodies but also exhausts the lingerie hidden away under layers of clothing. At first glance, an old bra might not betray any signs of wear, whereas in reality, it has probably already lost its ability to offer necessary support for the bust. Thus, a lingerie’s lifespan must always be carefully considered. And what could be a better time to do that than during your yearly Spring clean when you’re consequently making space for new high-quality lingerie, and when BonBon has multiple offers with discounts of up to -80%?

But before your rush over to our sweet offers, let's have a look at some important criteria to remember when choosing a new bra. 

First - are the measurements by which you order a bra correct? 


You can determine the most suitable bra size for your body with two simple measurements.


  1. Measure your under-bust circumference just below the breasts where the lower edge of the bra would normally sit. If possible, ask someone for help, because you will get the most accurate result when you are relaxed with hands hanging freely on the sides. Make sure that the measuring tape is at the same height both in front and back. 

  2. Measure the circumference of your bust from the highest point, i.e. from around the breasts. The second part of a bra size is marked with a letter (A, B, C, etc) and it indicates the size of the cup.

For example, if your under-bust measurement is 77cm and bust 92cm, then the best-fitting size for you is 75C. 

It is also good to know that the sizes often differ for different models. To determine the best fit, the desired bra should be tried on in-stores. However, if this is not possible and the lingerie ordered online simply doesn’t fit, not to worry - all of the products ordered from BonBon Lingerie’s online store can be returned free of charge.

Second – listen to your body in terms of the fit of the bra.


The ever-evolving world of lingerie is shifting the comfort levels of bras day by day. Therefore, on your next lingerie hunt, we encourage you to not stop before you have found a model that fits your ideal lingerie criteria and all of the requirements of your body.

The most common signs you are wearing a wrong size or model:

  1. Irritation on skin caused by a combination of worn-out fabric and exposed underwires that irritate the delicate skin under the bust. 

  2. Muscle tension and pain caused by insufficient support of the bra and uneven weight distribution.

  3. Excessive sweating, overheating, and shortness of breath caused by wearing a size too small bra.
  4. Headaches caused by the pressure put on the upper body muscles by wearing the wrong size bra. 

Third – make sure the chosen bra model fits your lifestyle and figure. 


Just like there isn’t one ideal design that fits the taste preferences of all women, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bra model that fits everyone. Therefore, it is worth getting to know some of the most common bra models and for whom they are actually intended for. 

1. Underwired bras

Underwired bras are characterized by curved metal or plastic support elements that provide support for the bust. This bra is best suited for an apple body type, i.e. a figure with a fuller bust, round waist and narrow hips. This type of bra also accentuates the best features of a curvy hourglass, pear, or upside down triangle body type. But regardless of the figure, underwired bras are a great choice for fuller size décolletages for preventing back pain and for anyone who wants to achieve a visually natural appearance of their bust without having to sacrifice comfortable support.

Purple Underwired Bra, Thong Amazonite BonBon Lingerie

Piia is wearing Amazonite Underwired Bra and Thong.


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2. Push-up bras

A push-up bra is usually characterised by padded cups, a multi-hook fastening system and strong adjustable shoulder straps. This way, the selected model can be adapted exactly to your body and transform it into a well-fitting everyday lingerie even for a person with an active lifestyle.

Figure wise, this model has a remarkable effect on the pear body type that can be recognised by wider hips and a narrow upper body. It is also suitable for a more sporty and rectangle body type as it creates a curvy hourglass figure through its bust-enhancing effect. 

Red Push-Up-Bra, Thong Love Lust BonBon Lingerie

Kätlin is wearing Love Lust Push-Up Bra and Thong.


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3. Balconette bras

Balconette offers the same amount of support as a push-up bra without adding extra volume to the bust. The model is characterised by a low bust line and removable shoulder straps that make it a great fit for any occasion and outfit. 

Perfect for those with wider shoulders, i.e. upside down triangle or hourglass body types.

Steam Balconette Bra and Thong Haisley BonBon Lingerie

Kadri is wearing Haisley Balconette Bra and Thong.


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And lastly – don’t compromise when it comes to your taste! 


Taking into account all the criteria regarding the size and cut of the bra, don’t forget that what’s also important is that your chosen lingerie will make you bloom with confidence!

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Happy beginning of spring!

Yours truly,

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