BonBon's story began in 2004, when BonBon Lingerie designer Tiiu Roosma created her first collection, which at that time consisted only of various strings with transparent details and panties with sats. BonBon's especially playful products quickly found their way into the hearts of Estonian women, and in 2004-2006, in addition to panties, we also made bras, T-shirts and nightgowns! All this, of course, in very small quantities. BonBon's first production room was Tiiu's own home, where he sewed the first product samples with two sewing machines. The Tiiu's family house was used as a storage room. Then a small 15 m² room was rented on Tatari Street and the first five sewing machines were bought with the help of business support. At that time, BonBon's women consisted only of Tiiu, her aunt and one of the pattern seamstresses.



When we realized that BonBon Lingerie products are very loved and demanded among Estonian women, we had to start looking for a new, larger production space. That's how we had two big dreams in 2009. First of all, we moved our production to spacious and bright rooms, where a magnificent production unit with fifty machines grew out of the sewing corner with five machines. Secondly, we opened our first representative store. The Pärnu mnt representative store was built with great care and love by designer Marili Rooba and still has an original and load-bearing concept at the time. The following year, our products were launched by a recognized dealer, Kaubamaja. Participating in Tallinn Fashion Week for the first time in 2011 was also a major turning point for the brand.



In 2012, BonBon's star started! In order for Estonian women to have a wider choice of places to choose wonderful new lingerie, we opened our second representative store in the Ülemiste Center. In the same year we managed to participate in our first laundry fair "I Love Me", which took place in Helsinki. During the fair, we discovered that our products are also loved outside Estonia. So in the following years, BonBon's laundry quickly became a nationwide sensation, and the well-known department stores Tallinn Design House, Tartu Kaubamaja and Tallinn Airport became interested in reselling it. In the autumn of 2017, the spectacular Tallinn Fashion Week took place, where we shocked the world with the new bold and provocative styles typical of BonBon. Among the collections were Mara, L.A. Girl, Frozen Blooms Black, Glorious, Red Roses and many others, the first of which we still produce due to high demand.



2018 started with the ‘’Salon International de la Lingerie’’ lingerie trade show in Paris. From Paris, we flew to Los Angeles with Anna Saar, a highly rated makeup artist who then became the muse and face of our signature collection L.A. Girl. We also released our mystical Mara Black collection that is one of the client favourites to this day. The ever-so gorgeous Eda-Ines Etti was the perfect face of the new Mara collection as she conveyed mystery and femininity characteristic to the collection. The year was brought to a magnificent end - the stunning stylist and songwriter Jana Hallas was the face of our luxurious silk Foxy Ladies Brigitte collection.

We turned 15 in 2019 and hosted a big celebration in our freshly renovated Ülemiste center store with the stunning Anu Saagim and Reet Härmat. The magnetic Anu and Reet were the leaders of the BonBon revolution throughout that year, inspiring women all over Estonia with their confident aura and courage. Next, we headed onto discovering the Danish market, where we opened our new modern e-store in the Summer of 2020.

In 2021 we came out with the innovative ‘BonBon Wonderland’ concept, led by the beloved entertainer and Estonia’s sexiest woman Brigitte Susanne Hunt. In April of the same year, we introduced our new and modern e-store to the world.

A world-changing revolution born out of innocent playfulness 

BonBon’s story began in 2004 when a girl, bursting with a rare thirst for life, introduced herself to the world for the first time. She took pleasure in getting to know her feminine form and experimenting with it - so she adorned herself with outrageously revealing and shocking body accessories. The girl fought for years against outdated beliefs forbidding sex appeal until she grew into a self-aware, powerful woman. Today, tens of thousands of women have joined her revolutionary journey to self-love and -respect, uniting the desire to unapologetically experience the wonderful facets of being a woman in all its glory. 


SUBMIT TO YOUR FANTASIES: Lingerie that shapes identity

BonBon Lingerie values creativity and fantasies. Our vision isn’t solely limited to models, design, and materials - our purpose is to construct new worlds and create lingerie that shapes identity. Do you desire to be an exotic goddess or an erotic temptress? Stand out as a glowing superstar or dominate as an irresistible queen? BonBon’s collections do not set any limits to your dreams. Your imagination is the only limit!


FREE YOURSELF FROM LIMITS: Lingerie that doesn’t limit your sensuality

We create lingerie that listens to your body and adapts to its particularities. Because every woman is unique and every body is gorgeous! BonBon’s lingerie encourages you to explore your sensuality and all the endless possibilities of the world. It is your right to define your sensuality and break free from the restraining ‘norms’ of the society. Step into the new era of women and embrace your sex appeal. Because this is who we are and this is who we have the right to be!


JOIN THE REVOLUTION: You are the BonBon woman

BonBon Lingerie’s CEO Helen Tahk about the brand and BonBon woman: ‘The concept behind the BonBon woman has evolved from the most prominent and elegant women in history. There is no definitive answer to who a BonBon woman is. It isn’t dependent on factors like body type or age as it isn’t a specific person, it’s the energy that surrounds them. Our client is a confident and independent woman who keeps up with the times. A woman who knows her worth and expresses it through her attitude. She embraces her feminine charm and isn’t afraid to show it. She is optimistic and always open to new challenges. She radiates provocative elegance as well as mystery, leaving something for the imagination.’


You are the face of BonBon. You are the author of your life and the main character of our story. Who run the world, you ask? Our answer is - women, and our mission is to give them the wings on this magical journey.



  • Premium quality and sustainability at the heart of the production
  • Female empowerment through statement design
  • Pushing the boundaries of go-to lingerie by introducing provocative silhouettes
  • Feminine confidence in every product
  • Mystical personas and fantasy-oriented storytelling



As our lingerie is all handmade, it is characterised by true uniqueness and the skillful handwriting of our talented seamstresses. One product can be made through the cooperation of up to nine seamstresses who collectively work hard to guarantee your luxurious comfort and stunning appearance. No detail goes unnoticed as we work on our collections until we achieve the best end result. Thanks to the use of only high-quality materials, we can ensure durability during even the most passionate wearing experiences as well as a long-lasting sense of comfort. By wearing lingerie made with love you gain confidence and pride over your body. 



During the creative process we take into account both seasonal trends as well as the wishes and feedback of our clients. BonBon’s brand specialty is definitely our boudoir collections which are characterised by sensual materials that accentuate feminine charm, as well as ouvert g-strings, bras and bodysuits. We are honoured to be the first provider of the latter in Estonia. BonBon features collections for various tastes and body types: we make lingerie for a wide range of sizes (EU 70A-90D/ XS-XL). For more steamy mischiefs we recommend our playfully niche lingerie, whereas for everyday wear a more traditionally beautiful lingerie set that emphasises comfort.  


BLOGS: Making women's voices heard

We want women to have the courage and voice to share their thoughts and experiences with the world. Thus, our blog entries provide readers with inspiring stories through the lens of confident and enterprising women. 

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