Women’s Day miracle awaits: self-love transforms the whole world more lovable

Hectic work and family life often takes away the chance to spend quality time with yourself. However, putting your responsibility-caused problems on a higher pedestal than your actual needs increases stress and distances you from the true desires and needs of your soul. Luckily, there is that one amazing day in the calendar when us women can hang up the responsibility-coat of a mother, businesswoman, student, or spouse, and without guilt spend the whole day taking care of ourselves solely. Are you ready to be reunited with your playful side? Well put on your favourite lingerie set, dance like no one’s watching, eat good food, do your self-care rituals, and ask yourself - how can I live like everyday would be as amazing as Women’s Day?


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If you are in the beginning stages of your self-love journey then hint to your significant other that in order to get in touch with your body and confidence, you want to be open to various surprises…

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Blue Underwired Bra and G-String Lola BonBon Lingerie


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,,Mirror, mirror on the wall, reveal my secret nature!’’

Once you find the courage within yourself to dismiss the opinions and expectations of the world, you might suddenly get the feeling like you don’t actually know who you truly are. Nonetheless, it is never too late to get in contact with your secret desires and true reflection. To help you understand your deeper nature and fantasies better, we at BonBon create lingerie that doesn’t only boost your confidence - it introduces you to exciting new realities, discovering of which helps reveal all your remarkable facets. 

Choose your dream world from the options listed below and get ready to embody its main character this Women’s Day. Don’t forget to also add the gorgeous gift box to your cart so that we can luxuriously wrap your fantasy up and send it to you in style!

A woman who is delicate and innocent on the surface, yet playfully sensual on the inside…

…wears the intoxicatingly mischievous Lola collection.

Lola plays an adrenaline-filled game between what’s allowed and what is not. Delicate and innocent on the surface, the light blue lace hides an abundance of mischief and playfulness in its fine pattern. Like a reserved princess, Lola’s soul yearns for an erotic adventure in which she conquers the world as a wild nymph, leaving all traces of modesty behind. This is your life and your Women’s Day - experience all its amazing facets, both sinful and royal! Meet Lola HERE.

Blue Underwired Bra, G-String, Bodysuit Lola BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets
The models are wearing Love Lust Underwired Bra, G-String and Bodysuit.

A woman whose presence fills the room with sensually stimulating energy and creates irresistible desire…

…wears the idyllic Love Lust collection.

If the idea of scandalous affairs and forbidden pleasures excites you then the provocative Love Lust is your perfect match this Women’s Day. Dripping with sensuality, Love Lust resembles an altar of love sent from Venus, in the embrace of which feminine sex appeal acquires supernaturally irresistible powers and all your mischievous secret desires become a reality. The ever-so intoxicating collection catches all passing looks into its seductive trap as it weaves an indestructible web of love between you and your significant other. Play in Love Lust HERE.

Red Push-Up Bra and Thong BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Love Lust Push-Up Bra and Thong.


A woman who is successful in all her ventures and whose inner strength is reflected in her every step…

…wears the mystic Luna boudoir lingerie. 

If you want to uncover your sinful side this Women’s Day then Luna is your ideal partner in crime. The Luna boudoir collection exudes courage and feminine strength. The fierce sultry lace combined with glittering silver crystals gives you dominion over every guest who enters your kingdom and the many passionate adventures you may find yourselves in. The timeless black lace displayed against warm skin tones acts as a fierce layer of sex appeal, passion and courage. Meanwhile, the exposing design and seductively translucent fabrics are a song of praise about all the beautiful facets of being a woman. Experience Luna’s magic HERE.

Black Ouvert Bra and G-String Luna BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Luna Ouvert Bra and G-String.


A woman who exudes mysticism and otherworldly sex appeal…

…wears the Mara or Smoky Quartz lingerie charged with powerful sexual energy.

The deep-black fabrics of the Mara collection seductively wrap themselves around the body, taking the wearer along on a dangerous journey where even the darkest of fantasies and most sinful desires become a reality! Discover a darker side hidden within you that has been waiting for the opportunity to resurface and embrace it. Obey Mara HERE.

Black Push-Up Bra, Full Brief, Suspender Belt Mara Black BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Mara Push-Up Bra, Full Brief and Suspender Belt.


Emerging from the symbiosis of feminine and masculine elements, the Smoky Quartz collection invites you to find your inner warrior who will mercilessly fight for your various desires and embodiments. Women’s Day is the best time to expand your sexuality and create a world where the contrasting polarities within you can coexist harmoniously. For a healthy soul and a balanced body, obtain strength from the powerful masculine energy hidden within you, just like the symbol of contrasts yin & yang. Experience Smoky Quartz’s power HERE.

Black Triangle Bra and G-String Smoky Quartz BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Smoky Quartz Triangle Bra and G-String.


A woman who embodies extraordinary femininity and radiates romantic energy…

…wears the heavenly Haisley or sweet-like-candy Wisteria Lane collection.

Fly away to a poetic kingdom of heaven ruled by femininity where your curves are the symbol of divinity to everything earthly. Haisley’s extravagant style introduces you to a new kind of lifestyle, in which bold fantasies are fulfilled and where you have the freedom to live a life as dazzling as you desire deep down. Fulfil your dreams with Haisley HERE.

Steam Balconette Bra and High Waisted Panty Haisley BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Haisley Balconette Bra and High Waisted Panty.


Wisteria Lane - it’s romantic courage that opens a door to a previously undiscovered wonderland! The playful golden flower motifs adorning the pastel purple veil of fabric will make every woman’s romantic Women’s Day dreams a reality. Choose Wisteria Lane HERE.

Purple Push-Up Bra, Thong, Suspender Belt Wisteria Lane BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt

The model is wearing Wisteria Lane Push-Up Bra, Thong and Suspender Belt.


A woman who is wild and unattainable, yet open and playful…

…wears the exotic Amazonite or mysterious Crystal lingerie. 

Transform into an exotic goddess with the scandalous Amazonite. The collection with a hypnotising colour gamma invites you to enter the gates of a wild paradise garden where you can fly free as a bird, enjoying various temptations and forbidden fruits. The underlying element of the tropical fantasy world is the sensual and detail-rich lace decorated by a jungle-flower pattern that seductively accentuates feminine curves. Conquer paradise with Amazonite HERE.

Purple Underiwred Bra, Full Brief, Thong, Push-Up Bra Amazonite BonBon Lingerie

The models are wearing Amazonte Underwired Bra, Thong, Push-Up Bra and Full Brief.


The enchanting light blue Crystal will take you into its mesmerising embrace and bless you with the gift of desirable glow and divine power. The semi-translucent fabric exudes fiery passion while the blue lace emphasises infinite deep desires and the golden decorative pendants reflect the elegance and confidence that radiates from within you. Delicate pastel hues and royal blue are your go-to for Women’s Day, helping you enjoy your lingerie pleasures to the maximum. Meet Crystal HERE.

Blue Underwired Bra and Thong BonBon Lingerie

The model is wearing Crystal Underwired Bra and Thong.


We wish all remarkable women a revolutionary Women’s Day!