Playfulness in the Bedroom Makes Women Blossom

Sensual stockings with garters, lingerie with mischievous details, kimonos made out of premium silk, perfumes with musky notes, seducing laughter and confidence - a woman with this kind of arsenal in her back-pocket is the covergirl for sex appeal. These attributes don’t only make men lose their minds but also awaken a mystical type of feminine confidence. 


The Privilege of Being a Woman

Being a woman is a true privilege. Within the more gentle sex’s tenderness lies an endless sense of strength, endurance, empathy, and the ability to divide one’s attention between the roles of a mother, sister, daughter, supporter, colleague, teacher, and a friend. Only women have the ability to open their body and heart, making space for a new individual and prioritising their growth and wellbeing. Only women are capable of understanding other women through a deep and unspoken wavelength. It only takes a look and an acknowledging touch to share their feelings. 


However, the gravest danger to being a woman is not putting enough attention to their own needs as a woman’s heart is often programmed to tend to everyone else’s happiness before her own. In such cases, even the strongest of them tend to lose that special spark within their eyes, alongside the strength to spread love. In order for a woman to realise their full potential and uncover their hidden strength sources, she has to learn how to put herself first. Loving relationships, blissful vacations, healthy lifestyle, high quality entertainment, knowing how to relax, alongside pleasure, passion, and knowing a woman is gorgeous inside and out are all very important aspects that play a massive role in reaching one’s full potential. The last part of that list tends to be forgotten the most, which doesn’t just put out that magical spark within a woman’s eyes but it also likely affects the relationship sphere of their life.


In reality, keeping one’s feminine charms alive isn’t rocket science - it is enough to consciously dedicate a few moments to it every day. To achieve new heights, it often only takes the help of a few useful tools and focusing on your inner landscape. A sensual lingerie set or getting pampered for an upcoming exciting date are just examples of what can help with maintaining feminine charm. A woman who takes pleasure in the things she does in life, is protected from slowly withering away. 


Visual Pleasure 

Pink Full Brief and Underwired Bra Peaches BonBon Lingerie

A woman’s confidence holds a key position in her sexual blossoming. Even though the topic of visual pleasure is usually discussed in relation to men, every woman wants to feel and look beautiful when looking in the mirror. Thus, it is one of men’s biggest obligations to appreciate their other half just as they are: unique and perfect. When choosing their everyday lingerie, women tend to stay true to their favourite models and collections. However, switching from the role of a loving housewife or a successful businesswoman to a sensual temptress in the bedroom could be the necessary initiative to choose something more mischievous. BonBon Lingerie has designed numerous boudoir collections for exactly these types of special evenings - where the open design panties and bra don’t just make the atmosphere a lot more sexier but also allow the lovers to dive into their most steamy fantasies within seconds.


Playful Pleasure

Incorporating passion and playfulness to your everyday life is extremely easy - simply let your fantasies roam wild and be open to surprises, pleasure and new energy that it brings along with it. The key to life is playfulness - it’s important to let go of the strict standards and taboos forced on us throughout life, and be willing to experience the world through a new outlook. Be open to experimenting, exploring, playing, and being naughty - doesn’t matter whether alone or with a playmate. It’s important not to forget how to play as you get older, just with different kinds of toys.


It is not uncommon to encounter individuals who see sex toys as embarrassing or vulgar even in today’s modern age - this kind of misconception dates back to the 80s and 90s media. Sex toy manufacturers have continually started directing the attention away from the outdated negative perceptions and towards the modern level of discretion found within toys. Meaning, the appearance of most toys nowadays doesn’t reveal their real function. This includes stimulators that can be worn as necklaces and some others shaped like lipstick, alongside remote controlled toys that women can leave inside them or inside their panties during playful dates. There is also the option of toys that fulfil their purpose with the aid of sound waves and often look like face cleansing brushes, rather than sex toys. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our dear men - there is a wide selection of toys that a woman can positively surprise a man in bed with. 

Sensual Pleasure

Passionate dates and pleasure-filled nights don’t necessarily require the assistance of sex toys. That extra spark women often need in order to get back on the right wavelength after a long day can be brought forward with the help of pheromone perfumes or libido enhancing creams. The latter often starts working so imperceptibly that women might not at first even realise why they suddenly cannot wait for the end of their workday to get some skin-on-skin action with their loved one as soon as possible. 


Sex and other mischievous games in the bedroom can be turned into an exciting new hobby to regularly dedicate one’s time to - every time is going to be different from the last, and full of new stimulating surprises.


Women, You Are Glorious! 

Women whose sexual spark has faded often stop blossoming. This is visible through their sad eyes and forced smiles. Our deepest wish is to stop this from happening as otherwise the wonderful privilege women are born with would go to waste. No matter if a woman is in a committed relationship or happily single, feminine radiance must always be held in high regard by putting attention towards it and if necessary, utilising clever tips mentioned above.