BonBon’s New Collection Travels Back in Time: A Lesson on Feminine Charm From the 70s

BonBon’s new spring/summer collection embodies a strong sense of 70s retro-flavoured romance, passion, drama, and a picturesque love story from the capital of love - Paris. How did an actress who knew only a few words in French become the symbol of Parisian women, and what can we learn from her and other outstanding divas of that era?


French Passion That Stimulates Even 50 Years Later

Je t'aime, je t’aime

Oh oui, je t'aime

Je vais, je vais et je viens

Entre tes reins


It was 1969 when British actress Jane Birkin and French poet-musician-actor Serge Gainsbourg became an outstanding headline with their song "Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus” - a song bursting with fiery references of the couple’s passionate love making and its orgasmic completion. In addition to the erotic tone of the French language and unambiguous combination of words, the song creates an artistic space full of desire, primitive instincts and passionate chemistry between two individuals. Despite being banned in several countries, the scandalous song made its way to the top of the charts. 


The sincere song was initially meant to be a personal love ballad to Gainsbourg’s lover, French actress Brigitte Bardot. But their love was cut short due to Bardot being already married to another man.


“Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus” was left to wait for Gainsbourg’s other half and muse, Jane Birkin - a woman who can be considered as one of the most influential style icons of that decade and a true symbol for Parisian women. Jane had the effortless skill to accentuate her sex appeal in even the most everyday clothing. Her style was timelessly simple and she had the ability to look gorgeous in both a lace dress as well as a plain white T-shirt and boyfriend jeans. It was her style that laid the foundation for the Parisian woman imagery.


Birkin and Gainsbourg ‘meet cute’ was the beginning of an internationally known love story that is an inspiration to a lot of romantics and artists till this day. What they shared wasn’t love at first sight nor a fairytale full of idyllic stories. It was a relationship full of addictive passion, dizzying emotions, public dramatic arguments, and most of all, insanely deep love. They couldn’t live with nor without each other. Despite the pair separating in the end, their love story lives on within the hearts of the French. Even 50 years later, “Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus” has an ecstatic and stimulating effect, similar to how a genuine and pleasurable relationship should feel.


The Era of Admirable Women

Jane Birkin and several other majestic women of that era, such as Cher and Debbie Harry, had one particular characteristic in common: the skill and courage to use their feminine charms in their favour. Didn’t matter what they wore or how their hair and makeup was done because their true element of attraction hid much deeper. It isn’t just confidence that a woman needs to bring a song full of passionate love making sounds and heavy breathing into the public eye. It is the fire and passion burning inside of her. It is being aware of one’s feminine magic and knowing how to utilise it.


Sadly, nowadays people tend to forget that feminine magic is present in all members of the more gentler sex. Playing with one’s sex appeal and feminine powers can be liberally bohemian or dramatically diva-like, it can reveal itself exclusively in the compact sexy details or in complete devotion to romance, passion and seduction.


For a woman’s true charisma to be revealed, all she needs is a desire to be the most charming and sincerest version of herself. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Spring, the time of new beginnings, is designed to make women blossom again. Everyone makes their own rules - just as much raw sex appeal, bohemian romance, provocative elegance, and star-like glitter as needed to bring out everyone’s inner glamorous diva.


BonBon Fulfils Your Wishes

Similarly to a goldfish fulfilling wishes in fairytales, allow your dreams to be made a reality with the aid of BonBon’s special little goldfish - our spring/summer collection. Inspired by the mesmerising decade that is the 70s - gorgeous women, stylish interior, retro-flavoured lace, pop star’s stage costumes, and wish-fulfilling goldfish - the spring/summer collection invites you to discover your feminine charms and embody a diva in BonBon’s summer daydream. You choose the rules of the game, and in turn BonBon makes your dreams come true. Is your inner diva looking for a chance to shine in a spotlight familiar to Cher, a charm characteristic to Jane, or is your inner diva not yet uncovered at all? Choose who you want to be from our four seductive collections:



This collection, bursting with mystical attraction powers, is inspired by powerful female stars of the 70s - particularly, by the gorgeous Cher. A rare combination of a pop-queen’s charm, eye-catching costumes, and the decade’s interior design, this lingerie is bound to have an enchanting effect on whoever lays their eyes on it. The premium lace and velvet straps have luxurious diva-like connotations that will give you the necessary confidence to shine both at home as well as in the spotlight. The contrasting colour combination reflective of the beauty of the black and white koi fish is an instant attention grabber - making you feel like an overnight international style-icon.



The collection with a provocative undertone is inspired by the divas of the 70s whose charisma throughout time has encouraged women to express their true selves. Diva is mature and confident, spiced up with a dash of romance and details characteristic to the boho style - all aspects deeply loved by the pop queen Cher. The gentle colour scheme of the lace combined with burgundy straps conveys the different facets of feminine beauty.



The CeCe collection pays homage to Jane Birkin’s charisma and beauty, forming a perfect match together with the love song “Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus” for romantic date nights or a stimulating honeymoon. The collection’s bright yellow colour motivates you to take on bold decisions and fills your days with a bit of star-like golden shimmer. Vintage-scented lace adds nostalgic notes to the lingerie. The collection includes a romantic pink flower-patterned kimono that is an elegant addition to CeCe’s bright lingerie sets. 



Peaches presents a selection of sexy boudoir products combined with everyday comfort. The romantic lace with a flowing fishtail pattern reminds us that dreams come true when we give them a chance to do so. The collection full of eye-catching details and exceptional designs has all the prerequisites to fulfil all your sensual wishes. Peaches lingerie is the secret weapon of dreamers, romantics, and youthful women for accentuating their feminine charms. 


Sometimes all you need is the right kind of accessory or piece of lingerie to create a special kind of feeling that makes the true diva within you emerge. Get to know her and enjoy a life full of extraordinary passions, pleasures, shimmer, and stimulating love songs!