BonBon Lingerie’s Campaign With the Estonian Cancer Society

The Estonian lingerie brand BonBon Lingerie is taking part in October’s charity campaign ‘Estonia’s Fight Against Cancer’, which means every time a product from one of the Autumn collections is purchased, 2% of the proceeds go towards the Estonian Cancer Society’s contribution to the prevention and treatment of cancer.


‘We are happy to announce that we are working together with the Estonian Cancer Society to help financially contribute towards the prevention and treatment of cancer’ said the CEO of BonBon Lingerie, Marge Muug. ‘This collaboration means a lot to us as BonBon as a brand stands for women’s well-being and happiness on a daily basis. We are giving our contribution through supporting the Estonian Cancer Society.’

The head of Estonian Cancer Society Maie Egipt said ‘Breast cancer doesn’t cause discomfort or pain in the early stages, which is why it is highly important for women with no symptoms or complaints to have regular check-ups as well’. ‘Through regular check-ups, the changes caused by breast cancer can be detected 5 years prior to the emergence of actual symptoms. Breast cancer is treatable in that stage.’ 

Independent and Strong Women Care for Their Well-Being on a Daily Basis 

According to Marge, all BonBon Lingerie collections are inspired by independent and strong women. ‘A woman like that cares for her health on a daily basis and attending regular mammograms should be a part of that frame of mind.’

In Estonia, mammograms are carried out on women between the ages of 50 to 69. The main aim is to detect breast cancer in its early stages and therefore, reduce the number of deaths caused by the illness and improve the living quality of the people who are ill. Based on the records gathered by the Estonian Cancer Society, about 700 women a year get breast cancer.

BonBon Lingerie is an Estonian lingerie brand with 15 years of experience that offers its products on both the Estonian and foreign market. Keywords used to describe the lingerie, which is all handmade in Tallinn, are premium production quality, luxurious materials, and bold designs.