A Day in the Life of a Lingerie Designer: From Japanese Samurais to the New Collection

How to create lingerie that would produce a sense of strength, independence and feminine mystery within every woman? BonBon Lingerie’s head of design Mirjam Mäeots knows the answer and invites you to explore the fantasy filled world of lingerie designing. 

About the Designer

Mirjam Mäeots has been BonBon Lingerie’s head of design for 2 years. She has had a strong interest in fashion ever since high school but got the push in the right direction when she went to England as an exchange student through the Erasmus program. At the time she was studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

After finishing her course at the University for the Creative Arts and her training in London, the talented designer came back to Estonia and soon joined BonBon Lingerie.

According to Mirjam, working at BonBon has been challenging for her as she has always seen her style as rather masculine. Luckily, Mirjam has proved that her creativity has no boundaries and that challenges should always be approached with confidence!

Every Collection Needs a Foundation and a Creative Designer

Young economics students wrongly believe that a successful business’ foundation is made up of sufficient financial tools and a memorable name.

In reality, it all begins with a business idea. Similarly, behind the emergence of every new lingerie collection, there is a designer full of inspiration who while keeping in mind the vision of the brand and the clients expectations, forms their idea into a gorgeous piece of art.

It is almost as if every BonBon collection opens a new fantasy-filled world that helps uncover hidden parts of your personality. Every collection has their own identity and charm, offering an authentic sense of pleasure in addition to comfort, like a real work of art should.

Before the seamstresses sit behind their machines, the designer goes through multiple important stages:


1. Searching for inspiration

    Inspiration is the foundation of every collection. When the designer is getting in touch with their creative side, they also need to take into account the most recent fashion trends and fabrics that have been chosen for the new season from trade shows or longtime collaboration partners. In addition, aspects like how many new collections and what type of products are expected of the designers have to be taken into consideration as well.

    Complications arise when the designer’s area of inspiration isn’t compatible with sensual lingerie. For the sake of not giving up the inspiring theme, the designer gathers various picture materials and creates a mood board. 

    Visual information helps the theme to expand and this way can be easily adjusted around the area of lingerie. Mood boards are helpful when choosing the colour spectrum, as well as coming up with various other details. Other times, the fabric chosen for the collection is already such a big source of inspiration itself that it tells its own story. 

    Mirjam frequently constructs the concept of a collection around the fabric.


    2. Designs and product cards

    BonBon’s designs are drawn out either by hand or with the help of a computer program. Every collection has new innovative designs that have never been done before as well as some updates that are based on older collections. 

    Due to BonBon having a rich product history, it is always a possibility to get inspiration from older collections that are then updated and improved, in order to keep the products trendy and up to date. It is exciting to find interesting and beautiful ways of improving older designs that have won the love of our clients. Therefore, if you have a favourite set of lingerie that isn’t produced anymore, there is hope it will soon make a return but in an even more gorgeous and trendy form.

    The source of inspiration, design and materials are all dependent on one another. The first two stages include constantly changing and correcting the existing ideas, which requires a certain level of flexibility from the designer to be willing to change their vision.

    It also isn’t rare for the concept of the collection to change over the course of this process. Technical drawings are completed at the end of this stage, that will then along with the necessary information (materials, sewing methods, etc.) go on the product cards.


    3. Product development and designs

    In this stage, constructors test the viability of previously created designs. In order for the lingerie to be comfortable and adorn the wearer, certain physics laws have to be taken into account as well.

    The constructors task is to test whether the designer has employed her high-school knowledge of physics correctly or not. If necessary, improvements are made. After that, the designs are completed.


    4. Prototypes

    Black Bra Top and High Waisted Panty Mara Black BonBon Lingerie

    It is finally time for the first prototypes. Their suitability is assessed on mannequins and test groups, who will wear the prototypes for some amount of time. The test groups will then give feedback on the material, level of comfort, fit and other attributes of the product. 

    Depending on the assessment, either corrections are made or the collection instantly gets approved.


    5. Premiering the products 

    The products are premiered in-front of the company’s collective, which is the final time for suggestions and corrections to be made before the collection gets a definitive sign of approval and gets sent to production. 

    The Autumn/Winter 19-20 Collections

    Mirjam Mäeots reveals the elegant details behind the AW19-20 collection.

    In the world of BonBon Lingerie’s autumn-winter collection, strong women rise to the pedestal. 

    This is a collection where strength and independence intertwine with feminine charm and intelligence. Every woman deserves to experience how it feels to be invincible - with BonBon, this will be a daily privilege.

    AW19-20 collection presents a range of lingerie that offer a sense of comfort and support throughout your everyday activities, as well as a wide selection of sensual garments, accentuated by charming and powerful details.


    The Ayame collection’s name has Japanese connotations as it is symbolic of a mesmerising warrior. The designer has extracted her inspiration from the mystical Japanese gardens and their guardians - the fearless female samurais.

    The elegant velvety fabric balances out the strong eye-catching details that are inspired by the clothing of warriors. The colour contrast reflects the playful colour schemes found within nature as well as the coexistence of feminine tenderness and strength. 


    Vera is femininely sensual, tempting, and passionate. The beauty of the deep green colour and eye-catching floral patterns have a mesmerising effect. The romantic lace combined with seductive straps and luxurious details transforms Vera into an irresistible vision. But Vera isn’t just a helpless romantic, she is an independent and intelligent woman who knows how to use her strengths in her favour. The boudoir range within the collection is represented through the open g-string and bra.


    The trendsetting Infinity collection has a timeless colour combination of beige and black, that fills your days with confidence and comfort. The collection is a good choice for strong and independent women who are still in touch with their femininity. Infinity doesn’t give in - its power motivates you to rule and conquer. In addition to lingerie, the collection includes suspenders and stockings.

    Silver Mist

    The Silver Mist collection is an essential part of the BonBon boudoir line that creates an enchantingly provocative feeling within anyone who wears it! The sexy lingerie set and open bodysuit are a perfect addition to the bedroom. Silver Mist is inspired by the imagery of a spider web covered in early morning dew - the lingerie has mystical connotations as it allures you into its seductive web. The provocatively sensual collection awakens all senses and eliminates any kind of restrictions your fantasy may have.