A Dragon striving for perfection: the 2024 horoscope for lingerie lovers

The year 2024 is greeted by a hot and fiery Dragon who, yes, asks for a lot, but doesn’t forget to give back to us in return as well. The Dragon is a symbol of wealth, virtue, balance, and longevity. It holds the key to happiness, life, and growth.

2024 is the year of grand victories, breaking records, and burning bridges. Those who can make bold and quick decisions and undertake seemingly impossible things will be successful this year. The Dragon favours those who can maintain a clear mind in any situation.

Discover all the things, including lingerie, that the Dragon year has in store for your zodiac sign!

DETERMINED CAPRICORN (22. December – 19. January)

SELF-LOVE: Due to their traditionally calm nature, Capricorns are used to a steady and peaceful way of life. In 2024, however, the stars are predicting a fast-paced year both work and personal life wise. It is important to also make sure that this faster pace of life won’t disrupt your sleep schedule too significantly, as a good night’s sleep keeps the doctor away! The beginning of the year will bring new people into your life. But don’t forget to take yourself on a date amidst this whirlwind of experiences with new and exciting people.

RELATIONSHIPS: Relationship-wise, a positive year is coming. A single Capricorn will have the opportunity to meet their soulmate in the first half of the new year. A taken Capricorn on the other hand, will form an even stronger bond with their partner this year.

FINANCE: For Capricorns, this is the year of achieving their personal goals and dreams, which will also have a positive effect financially. An abundant and favourable year is ahead of you!

LINGERIE: Capricorns tend to be drawn towards darker, restrained tones. They feel especially confident and calm in predominantly black, grey or dark blue tones. Clearly, they are blessed with an impeccable taste. Which is why, BonBon recommends capricorns to face the new year in the enchanting indigo blue Sage collection.

Anastasija wears the magical Sage push-up bra and panties.


MYSTICAL AQUARIUS (20. January – 18. February)

SELF-LOVE: The clear mind of a mysterious, clever, and unique Aquarius helps them notice and admit their own flaws and shortcomings. The new year promises to bring a lot of excitement, but a lot relies on their own attitude as well. High-quality food, regular exercise, and time spent in the company of oneself is the best recipe for the wellbeing of an Aquarius.

RELATIONSHIPS: Aquarius is so busy with work this year that they might slightly neglect the matters of love. But if their existing relationship matters to them, they will make sure to find time for joint activities. On the other hand, someone very special might wander across the path of a single Aquarius!

FINANCE: The new year offers a variety of excellent opportunities for additional income and Aquarius, who is always ready to try new things, faces them head on!

LINGERIE: The extravagant Aquarius has one principle when it comes to their attire: ‘clothing is for people, people aren’t for clothes’. They have a very special ability to find something truly remarkable in an ordinary store. For example, a pair of extremely bright coloured boots or a statement-piece coat with an insane design. From BonBon’s selection, Chaos is the best collection to characterise the mystical aura of an Aquarius.

Alisa wears the Chaos collection’s asymmetric bodysuit with a glove.


ROMANTIC PISCES (19. February – 20. March)

SELF-LOVE: Pisces are highly imaginative, charming and sensual characters. This year, they should focus on attracting romance - this will charge them with the necessary energy. In 2024, the support of loved ones will be a very important and encouraging aspect for Pisces. A lot of joy will be found from sharing your thoughts and plans with your family and involving them in your activities.

RELATIONSHIPS: Pisces in a committed relationship will start planning their joint future together, investing more into their relationship. Single Pisces will make it their goal to find the right partner this year.

FINANCE: Thanks to their entrepreneurship and determination, Pisces will face a lot of great opportunities to receive a salary increase in the new year. It is worth utilising your previous experience and knowledge - it can be very useful in financial terms.

LINGERIE: Romantic Pisces adore light, soft tones, flounces, lace, faded silhouettes, and vague designs. The deliciously colourful Birdie collection guides Pisces onto a true wave of passion.

Laura wears the Birdie underwired bra and g-strings.

POWERFUL ARIES (21. March – 19. April)

SELF-LOVE: This year, Aries pays more attention to their appearance as taking care of themselves brings them joy. Unfortunately, they also constantly feel a lot of pressure to achieve great things in every area of life, but the excellent stress management skills of an Aries will help them get through the pressure and stay on top of things.

RELATIONSHIPS: Even though it's going to be a busy year for an Aries, they should still find time to put energy into their existing relationship. For a single Aries, it is a favourable time to meet your soulmate in the first half of the year. It is important to have an open mind!

FINANCE: Aries skilfully keeps their finances in balance, but greater financial luck is expected towards the end of the year.

LINGERIE: Aries loves high-quality and durability, always going for the sure-thing and preferring classic, universal models made out of natural materials. BonBon has just the latter for an Aries - the ever-so luxuriously enchanting Harmony lingerie set.

Anastasija is wearing the Harmony push-up bra and thongs.


POISED TAURUS (20. April – 20. May)

SELF-LOVE: This year, you should focus less on others and more on yourself. A Taurus needs to understand that they are just as important as all of their closest friends and family. A boost of serotonin can be found from simple things such as fresh air, good sleep, or a new culinary experience. This year will be full of changes, but will offer good opportunities to maintain a balance..

RELATIONSHIPS: A Taurus’ love life will be filled with surprises that will give them a new perspective on their partner. The probability of meeting your soulmate is especially high around spring and summer.

FINANCE: Summer will bring various opportunities to fix your financial state. All you need is to be patient and motivated, and soon you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work!

LINGERIE: Taurus loves to dress according to their mood and doesn’t care much about the opinion of others when it comes to the way they dress. The ever-so playful Taurus will wear the naughty mini-skirt despite their age! From BonBon’s boudoir selection, the beloved Coco Heart’s ouvert bodysuit is the best option for them.

Anastasija wears the sexy Coco Heart ouvert bodysuit.


ADVENTUROUS GEMINI (21. May – 20. June)

SELF-LOVE: It’s very important for Gemini’s mental health to find time to socialise with people. This year is all about various intellectual activities. When it comes to your mental and physical health, it's worth remembering that prevention is better than remedying.

RELATIONSHIPS: Amid an increased workload, Geminis find great comfort from their partner whom they appreciate very highly and never take for granted. Together they go on various outings, creating memories. Single Geminis are open to fresh experiences with new people.

FINANCE: Gemini is a resourceful zodiac sign who doesn’t have to worry about money. Starting the year on a great note - you’ll have an opportunity to take important steps in your career, which will also grant you a bigger income.

LINGERIE: The unpredictable Gemini doesn’t like falling into a mundane routine, which is why they have a constant desire for excitement. BonBon Lingerie has created the Sweet Escape collection specifically for women with this type of nature. Let your femininity burn with a fuchsia pink flame!

Hanna wears the naughty Sweet Escape triangle bra along with g-strings and a suspender belt.


SENSITIVE CANCER (21. June – 22. July)

SELF-LOVE: Looks like the new year favours discovering more of your inner preferences, emotions, character, apprehensions, fears, and depth of soul. Due to this, Cancers might prefer spending time in solitude more than in crowds. The Dragon encourages Cancers to find out what they appreciate most about themselves and others.

RELATIONSHIPS: Cancers can strengthen their relationship through increased trust, support and communication. Widening your social circle might also be a great way of inviting love into your life.

FINANCE: The new year brings an abundance of willpower and skills to carry out plans that require a certain amount of money.

LINGERIE: The passionate, romantic Cancer who falls in love so easily needs something from the Pandora box that is the Kitty Hawk collection. A collection that resembles the zodiac sign itself - innocent and modest in the daytime, a weapon loaded with sensuality in the nighttime.

Kaoka wears the sexy Kitty Hawk underwired bra and panty.


CHARISMATIC LEO (23. July – 22. August)

SELF-LOVE: Leos should devote more time to going out in the new year, whether these outings are related to their hobbies or, for example, theatre and cinema. This will help brighten up their year ahead and awaken the long lost sense of happiness. The friendly and social Leo is often the star of the group, without whom a party doesn’t start until they arrive.

RELATIONSHIPS: A year of great love is ahead! If a Leo already has a partner, that relationship will only get better with time - like fine wine. A single Leo, however, is bound to meet their soulmate during the Spring-Summer period.

FINANCE: Leos are ambitious, enterprising, and motivated to make a significant income this year.

LINGERIE: Leos manage to look perfect even in the most everyday situations with little to none effort. Leo girls are never afraid to invest in luxury garments. BonBon Lingerie’s collection Glory with fine details and designs is made for a Leo.

Alisa is wearing the ever-so luxurious Glory push-up bra and panty.


PERFECT VIRGO (23. August – 22. September)

SELF-LOVE: Virgos are promised a very balanced year that will give them time to think about their life on a larger scale. It is time to truly start living! This can, however, cause ambivalence and anxiety. It is worth trusting your intuition and making your dreams come true!

RELATIONSHIPS: The order of the planets ensures an improvement in romantic energy, which will help Virgos take their relationship to a new level. Single Virgos have a high probability of finding a partner for life this year!

FINANCE: It’s very characteristic of Virgos to make extremely wise and thought-out decisions, including in financial matters. This ensures a stable and abundant year.

LINGERIE: Virgos prefer simplicity and rationality when it comes to clothing. The Angelina collection’s elegantly delicate lace and soft mesh will help them feel like a true princess.

Vitaliia wears the Angelina collection’s push-up bra ja panty.


CHARMING LIBRA (23. September – 22. October)

SELF-LOVE: The new year is the ideal time to take on new projects and educate yourself. You’ll feel a huge urge to learn something brand new. In order to remain in positive energy, you must spread positivity and take care of your health.

RELATIONSHIPS: Your love life will be accompanied by success this year, as Libras are very familiar with their partner’s love languages. One random encounter might, in a positive way, turn a single Libra’s life upside down. Love is a tremendously important element for Libras.

FINANCE: A year of opportunities is ahead - a new career opportunity is on the horizon, that offers both bigger income and room for growth.

LINGERIE: This sophisticated zodiac sign is naturally drawn to pretty things in life. The skill to pick out the most exquisite fabrics and elegant models is what makes a Libra a true fashion icon. Libras tend to avoid bright tones, preferring softer, pastel shades of colour. Bursting with BonBon's aura of sensuality, the Hope collection may be just what Libras have been looking for.

Anastasija wears the marvellous Hope push-up bra and panty.


PASSIONATE SCORPIO (23. October – 21. November)

SELF-LOVE: The new year promises to be eventful. The best piece of advice one can give to a Scorpio this year is to take everything slow and accept what cannot be changed. There will also be an increased interest in matters of health and Scorpios will do a lot of the heavy lifting themselves to improve their mental and physical health.

RELATIONSHIPS: A Scorpio’s relationship can grow stronger only if they’re open to feelings and intimacy. A single Scorpio shouldn’t give into the pressure of society and go searching for a partner - the right person has a habit of coming when you least expect it!

FINANCE: Scorpios have their financial matters under control, thus, time to schedule a longer vacation.

LINGERIE: Scorpios express their mystery and sensuality through clothing. They always find ways to showcase their figure by wearing tight dresses with a mesmerising neckline, or on the contrary, a figure-hiding item of clothing that still manages to accentuate the wearer’s elegance. For this type of irresistible woman, we recommend the Penelope Flirt collection.

Daria wears the Penelope Flirt collection’s underwired bra and g-strings.


ENTHUSIASTIC SAGITTARIUS (22. November – 21. December)

SELF-LOVE: Sagittarius has always liked to take care of their health, but in the new year, it’s especially in focus. They will find more time for everything - socialising, meditating, exercising, sleeping more, visiting museums. Depth and being present are the most vocal themes of this year.

RELATIONSHIPS: The new year promises to be romantic. Sagittarius has to learn to let go and accept. An existing relationship’s emotional side will need more attention and nurturing. If a single Sagittarius feels the desire for a partner, they must first figure out what exactly they are looking for in a partner, and then send this wish out to the universe.

FINANCE: The demanding Sagittarius has a high work ethic. They know what their work is worth and aren’t afraid to ask for a fair sum for it.

LINGERIE: For the ever-so lively and friendly Sagittarius we recommend facing the new year in the luxurious rainforest-inspired Miss Jolene collection. The emerald green lace lingerie speaks of dignity, inner strength and sensual desires.

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May you have the most sensual year yet!


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