Witch Nastja About Magical Women, Fears, and Confidence

BonBon Lingerie loves courageous, individual, and confident women! However, such independent women have been feared for centuries - they have been called witches and chased with the intention of eliminating them. It was often young brave women who were seen as witches, in addition to older midwives and single women who dared to resist the expectations and norms set by society. This fear was most clearly expressed in the 15th century when nearly 50 000 ‘witches’ lost their lives in the European-wide witch-hunt and the Spanish Inquisition. 


Fortunately, the difficult past of such courageous women has not been forgotten. It lives on through beloved cult films and literature, creating strong female role models for today’s modern women and girls. For us, Estonians, witches are predominantly important. The pagan belief in the inexplicable power of nature exists till this day and interest in magic, esotericism and spirituality is on the rise in Estonia. 


In this week’s blog entry, the beloved winner of Estonia’s first season clairvoyant show Nastja talks about her magic-filled life and shares tips on how to conquer fears and gain confidence.


Becoming a Witch

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Nastja is wearing the Pamela Long-Sleeve Bodysuit, Ouvert Bra and G-String / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


Like many of us, Nastja’s interest in psychic powers began as a child through films such as Practical Magic and Love Potion No. 9 - starring the dashing Sandra Bullock. Inspired by movies and literature, Nastja loved to foresee the future with the aid of a prediction plate as a young girl. She was known as the head witch among her neighbourhood girls and no seance happened without her.


Even her family felt Nastja’s maturity and clarity of thought at a young age already, and adults would often ask the girl for advice. She admits: ‘On one hand, it wasn’t ideal that I was aware of adult problems at such a young age. But it was my character that attracted people to me and made them trust me.’


Did you consider yourself different from other kids your age?

‘As a child, I always felt different. But when a child thinks that everyone else is the same then they can’t possibly view themselves as normal. And while my sister loved to run around with other kids, I loved to knit, read, and people-watch. I am certainly much happier now than I was in my childhood!’


How has your magic helped you and your loved ones?

‘For example, when I was 6, I found out that my aunt could not have children. She had been trying for the past 5 years. I said to her: ‘I will knit you socks that will help you get pregnant, all you have to do is wear them.’ My aunt has a son now.’


Nastja feels that she was also helped by magic when she was trying to get pregnant: ‘I have always had the utmost respect for doctors but they told me that I cannot have children because I weigh 44 kilograms and have vascular dystonia. Today, I have an amazing daughter thanks to psychic powers. The core of said powers is belief!’


Nastja's loved ones mostly turn to her with questions revolving health and love on a daily basis. ‘For example, when someone says that they are travelling and are afraid of getting sick, I say to them ‘No you won’t! I will give you the necessary energy.’ I have such confidence in my abilities. I know in my heart that it will help.’


How did you become a professional witch?

Nastja shares that she became a professional witch largely by coincidence and has the Estonian clairvoyant show ‘Selgeltnägijate Tuleproov’ to thank for that. She chuckles: ‘I actually studied to be a geologist at Tallinn University! However, 12 years ago when my daughter was 2 months old, I saw an ad in a trolley about this new clairvoyant show and how they were looking for participants. The next day I went to the casting.’ She adds: ‘When people used to think I was weird before then after this event everything seemed to fall right into place. People said to me: ‘Now I understand you!’ and ‘Oh, this is so your thing!’ And in fact, I understood myself better as well after the show.’


‘When people used to think I was weird before then after this event everything seemed to fall right into place. People said to me: ‘Now I understand you!’ and ‘Oh, this is so your thing!’ And in fact, I understood myself better as well after the show.’


How To Find Your Calling?

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Nastja is wearing the Pamela Suspender Belt, Ouvert Bra and G-string / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


Although Nastja really likes the job title Witch, she feels that she is still too young for a professional job in the area. ‘I don’t want my days to be filled with appointments. I am simply not ready for that yet.’ When asked what she enjoys most about being a witch, the woman has a simple answer - writing. Alongside her zodiac books, she has written 26 books already! ‘My father is a writer in Russia. Writing just came to me because I believe in it. I did absolutely nothing for it.’ Nastja feels that it is through writing that she comes to her knowledge and believes that books are the best medium to share her knowledge with the rest of the world.


As a writer, she considers finding an inspiring role model highly important. For her, it is Honoré de Balzac: ‘I was very inspired by how he described people’s looks while also communicating their inner needs and worries. Just like Sherlock Holmes. His understanding of people is just pure sorcery!’


What would be your recommendation to women who are still looking for their calling?

‘One thing for sure is that they have to start with the little things. Most of the time, people have a hard time figuring out what they even want to eat or drink. How would talking about the bigger issues even be a possibility then?’ Nastja’s advice is this: ‘Ask yourself every 30 minutes: ‘What do I want right at this moment?’ Doesn’t matter what it is - breathing fresh air or reading a book. Only after realising your smallest needs, will you become aware of your bigger dreams.’


To find what we are looking for, it is important to be in a relaxed state, according to Nastja. She reached this conclusion after reading Robert Stone’s book about the right side of the brain and using one’s intuition. ‘If you truly want something and let that idea out into the universe, your body will look for ways to fulfil it with the help of manifestation energy. It is important to let yourself be guided, not to struggle, block yourself with fears, or overthink. Things actually come very easily, we just tend to block them.’


Nastja also believes that the more confident a woman is, the better she knows what she wants and the faster she makes the right choices. She jokes: ‘There is this saying in Russian that when a man invites a woman to a restaurant and the woman looks at the menu for too long, struggling to choose, then she probably doesn’t know what she wants in bed either. It is going to be difficult with this woman.’


How To Gain Confidence?

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Nastja is wearing the Pamela Demi Cup Underwired Bra and High Waisted Panty / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


Through her work, Nastja has noticed this recurring problem among Estonian women that makes her mournful: ‘People don’t love themselves. They don’t quite understand how important it is to love yourself. We post pictures on Facebook to make other people like us but if we don’t like ourselves, it doesn’t help.’


She shares more tendencies she has noticed during her consultations: ‘People come prepared with various topics but often the first question is: ‘What does this man think of me?’ and the following question: ‘What am I feeling for this man?’’ To find an answer for these questions, Nastja recommends starting with the smaller aspects. Meaning, we have to reach a harmonious contact with ourselves first, only then can we start looking for love, our professional calling, or think about having kids. ‘If a person doesn’t know how they feel about another person, it is only the tip of the iceberg. This suggests, there might be deeper problems that need to be dealt with.’

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Nastja is wearing the Pamela Suspender Belt, Ouvert Bra and G-string / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


How can psychic powers help build confidence?

‘I truly believe that every woman is a witch and this intuition helps us in all areas of life.’ Nastja believes that it is important to consciously develop intuition: ‘We need to listen to our inner voice of angels and allow them to help us. This way, we can be smart in our personal life decisions, and be more confident.’ According to Nastja, in order to grow our intuition we have to listen to our wishes and rid ourselves of fears because they block our powers. 


How to get rid of fears?

For Nastja, getting rid of fears begins with acknowledging them. Only you are prepared to emotionally invest into dealing with your fears. ‘There is no future yet. We are creating it as we go. And if we control our emotions, we are able to create a fear-free present.’ Nastja has a simple suggestion: ‘When you feel a negative thought lurking, just picture it as a fly and kill it.’ According to her, reading to ten out loud or praying also helps.

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Nastja is wearing the Mara Wide Lace Underwired Bra and Thong / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


How to love your body?

Nastja has always loved her body. Both during her pregnancy and after. She feels though, that there are very few women who truly love their body. ‘People who are body positive - they are instantly recognisable. They are full of energy. Their eyes sparkle. There are very few of them.’ 


Her personal confidence and beauty ideal is the talented Italian actress Monica Bellucci who left an everlasting impression on Nastja when she starred in the movie Malena. ‘She accepts her body just the way it is. She isn’t very thin but you can tell she loves herself. She exudes this special kind of energy!’


Nastja also believes that people who feel criticised often attract it themselves: ‘No one tends to say negative comments about a truly confident woman’s body.’ Additionally, in Nastja’s opinion, people suffering from health problems associated with obesity often find their body harder to love which is why it is important to strive for a healthier lifestyle and weight.


What role does gorgeous lingerie have in building a woman’s confidence?

‘Gorgeous lingerie absolutely elevates a woman’s confidence and must be worn at all times.’ Nastja goes on to explain that women often make one big mistake when it comes to lingerie: ‘Some of my friends have only one gorgeous lingerie set that they put on maybe once a month to impress their significant other. The rest of the time they wear lingerie that could be labelled ‘comfortable’ and ‘practical’. And even though their significant other sees this gorgeous woman in elegant lingerie standing in front of them, the woman still lacks confidence. As a result, she might feel taken advantage of and treated badly afterwards.’ Nastja believes that this way of life is extremely foolish in regards to the negative energy it brings with it. She makes sure not to make this mistake: ‘When I see lingerie in my drawer that I don’t like anymore, I instantly throw it out. I see it as a moment of self-respect. You need to understand that you buy lingerie for yourself, not anyone else.’


What is your favourite collection from BonBon’s selection?

‘I have a lot of BonBon’s lingerie! I find it very high-quality and beautiful. I personally am madly in love with the colour black. My favourite lingerie is also black.’ BonBon Lingerie’s selection offers a wide range of collections in black such as Black Orchid, Mara, Shades, Penelope Flirt, Ramona and Hannah.

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Nastja is wearing the Mara Bra Top and High Waisted Panty / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss


What is your advice for Estonian women?

‘If you set your heart on something, make sure you give it your 100%! This kind of thinking boosts your confidence enormously because there are two of you.’ Nastja explains: ‘It’s like if I promise myself I am going to start running everyday starting Monday, and then when that day comes I decide not to go because I think to myself ‘No one will know.’ But you will know! And if you can’t keep a promise you made to yourself then you cannot possibly trust yourself next time either. Imagine how hard it would be to live with a person you don’t trust - for example, a husband who has repeatedly done something wrong. But with such small things, the main person you should be able to trust is yourself.’ Therefore, dear women, start fulfilling your promises!

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Nastja is wearing the Pamela Bodysuit / Kirill Gvozdev Photography @Laitse Loss

BonBon is grateful to Nastja for giving us a glimpse of her magical life and taking part in the amazing photo session! We hope that our readers can find something from her suggestions to help them conquer their fears and as a result gain confidence.


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