New Collection: Black Orchid

The magical Black Orchid is the second autumn-winter 20/21 collection to be unveiled.


The Black Orchid collection brings back BonBon Lingerie’s beloved signature cuts - detailed triangle bra, revealing g-string with straps, and a ‘barely there’ suspender belt. These sensual designs were first introduced in 2017 when we revealed the provocative Shades Straps collection. Shades was followed by an upgraded version called Desire in 2019 where the best-selling collection acquired a new warmer tone.

Black Triangle Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt, Stockings Shades Strap BonBon Lingerie

From left: Shades Straps and Desire.


The Hidden Meaning of Black Orchids

The Black Orchid boudoir collection is inspired by the mystical beauty of black orchids. A black orchid can be found most commonly in Asia and America where the flower is associated with masculinity, sexual fantasies, strength and success.

A black orchid is known as a mystical flower with magical powers - its charms lie in the flower’s unique bold black colour. The colour symbolises mysticism and power which is why orchids often figure in ancient mythologies and literature addressing the topics of fiction and black magic. 


Black orchids are associated with power, authority and wealth. In ancient civilisations, the flower was an attribute of kings and leaders of military groups. Today, black orchids are more widely connected to the aspect of luxury. They were long considered a sign of prosperity due to the delicate luxurious look of the flower.


The black orchid flower is also considered a sign of determination and high achievements, symbolising a higher position and achieving one's goals.


The last and most known meaning behind the black orchid is its association with sexual desires and passion. By giving your significant other a black orchid, you assure them that you trust them completely without having to say a word.


A Collection Inspired by the Mystical Beauty of Black Orchids

Similarly to the Shades Straps and Desire collections, Black Orchid is also designed for bold and powerful women. The collection tells a story about a woman’s mischievous and secret alter-ego hidden deep inside, waiting to be discovered. The sensual lingerie is the stimulating secret to finally freeing your secret second self.


The Black Orchid collection is created with powerful women in mind. For women who desire to stand out and rebel against the norms set by society. For women who are aware of their sexuality and not afraid to accept it. For women who feel a routine is not enough and who are constantly looking for something new. For women who dare to dream big and are ready to conquer the world.


In addition to the well-known models from the Shades and Desire collections, we have added panties with a provocative undertone and a playful bodysuit to the collection’s selection. What makes the lingerie unique is its richness of details - black rings, regulators, rubbers and mesh have been used in the creating process.


Two different fabrics have been combined - delicate black mesh characteristic to the Shades collection and a unique fishnet-like fabric. The revealing design instills individuality and leaves little room for fantasy. The carefully thought-out arrangement of straps and mesh emphasises the most gorgeous aspects of your body.


The Black Orchid Collection

The collection is available in five different sizes - XS to XL to ensure that the lingerie fits perfectly with the wearer’s body. The suspender belt is one-size-fits-all and easily adjustable.

Black Triangle Bra ang G-String Black Orchid BonBon Lingerie

The sensual mesh Black Orchid Triangle Bra fills each day with exciting sensations. The trendy triangle cut is designed to assure a good fit and maximise comfort. 


The Black Orchid Full Brief combines the provocative nature of the collection with the comfort of the model. Thanks to the sensual undertone, the panty is a great fit for women who seek elegance but secretly dream of something more than just beautiful lingerie.

Black Triangle Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt Black Orchid BonBon Lingerie

The minimalist mesh G-String with flirtatious straps is made for women who are not afraid to express their sexuality. The stylish strap and mesh fusion is an exclusive combination that accentuates the wearer’s unique individuality.


The Black Orchid Suspender Belt is a playful addition to a lingerie set - integrating stockings with a suspender belt results in a seductive combination that ignites the flame of passion within any relationship. The intertwined straps with a dash of mesh is a unique combination that conveys the wearer’s self-awareness and bold personality.

Black Bodysuit Black Orchid BonBon Lingerie

The bold Black Orchid Bodysuit has an alluring effect and makes the wearer forget all about modesty. The playful bodysuit stimulates the senses with fresh fantasies, releasing the fateful woman hidden inside you.


The Black Orchid collection is now available in BonBon Lingerie’s online shop as well as our retail stores in Nautica Shopping Centre, Ülemiste Shopping Centre, and Viru Shopping Centre.