BonBon Lingerie Awaits for the Emergence of Confident Women During International Women’s Day

Have you noticed that after men take over the city with roses on the 8th of March, something phenomenal happens? One of the sexes goes through a total transformation during this time of love-butterflies leaving people breathless and seducing even the most principled singleton. Springtime and red roses play a part in this transformation but the most pivotal role falls on the shoulders of high-end lingerie. Can you guess what we are talking about?

Spring - the Perfect Time for Falling in Love 

Women start to blossom like flowers with the arrival of spring and Women’s Day is cleverly situated in the beginning of that period. When one lets sunshine and birdsong into their heart, their fantasy can take them on a romantic adventure in Paris or a mysterious date with a charming someone. All it takes is the courage to dream and willingness to jump head first into adventures. What do you dream about? Is it something forbidden, seducing, and so secretive that already thinking about it sends shivers down your spine? Do you feel an unexpected urge to put on your seductive miniskirt and replace your whole lingerie collection, buy a new robe and multiple other pieces from the new spring/summer line? It is safe to say that spring lures out all of the exceptional beauties from hiding, and the only thing left to wonder is where have they been all this time!

As spring has always had the mystical power to instill happiness and love, it is the best time to fall deeply and madly in love with yourself. In today’s masculinity dominated world, a lot of women feel the pressure to be perfect, fulfill every one of their goals, and keep up with men both on the career ladder and in everyday life. Focusing solely on those aspects and not giving yourself a break might result in losing yourself and your feminine strength along the way. Even though the pressure to succeed is felt by both of the sexes, women are more affected by it. Women are born into this world with a sense of feminine power that gives them the ability to love unconditionally. This brings along naturally occurring characteristics of empathy and sensitivity. Don’t get it wrong though, sensitivity is not a weakness unless you choose to make it one. Sensitivity is the ability to feel on a deeper level, understand others, and see things on a wider spectrum. However, it also includes the habit of taking to heart things like baseless critique, society’s idealised norms, and the stereotypical image of how a woman should look and act like. But don’t focus on what you might lack in, focus on your strengths and individuality that makes you, you.

Confidence as Inner Strength

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BonBon Lingerie has only one wish this Women’s Day: if you are a woman, find your confidence and make it work for you. If you are a man, notice the women around you who you could support on this journey of self-discovery. Confidence is within everyone. It is being aware of your strength, feminine charm, and unique beauty. It is an attribute that can never be permanently taken away from someone. True, to feed one's ego, someone can try to take away pieces of it but no one has the power to take your confidence fully away from you. Confidence isn’t tied to our looks, weight, or cup size - it is the spark inside of us that only needs the warmth of our soul to catch fire and sometimes women need the help of men to achieve this. We cannot give you suggestions on what plan of action to follow or which lingerie set to choose to feel perfect in a day. You’ll have to find that strong and wonderful woman within you all by yourself.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”

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When was the last time you looked at yourself? Not to make sure that your outfit and shoes were a good fit, but really looked at yourself - looked at all of your laugh lines, curves, scars, and changes? When was the last time you loved yourself for who you are - a unique package, of which there is only 1 in the whole world? What kind of stories can you find in the depth of your eyes, what kind of melodies and beautiful words have your ears heard? When was the last time you spoiled, admired and thanked yourself and your body for all of the experiences that you have been through? Your story is unique, you are unique. If you only focus on your imperfections, you start to hide your true self from the world. Instead of trying to achieve the stereotypical model physique, focus on your uniqueness. Stereotypical imagery is and always will be a false narrative. It is time to enter society as the confident and gorgeous woman you are. Build your own path and walk it with confidence!

The Power of Lingerie

Every woman knows that the right outfit is fundamental for feeling good and having a successful start to the day. However, what is right against our skin plays an especially important role - lingerie. From one point of view, lingerie is valued due to the fact that it carefully caresses the most intimate parts of our body. And on the other hand, lingerie is also the only piece of clothing that your partner needs to earn your trust to see. Thus, it has certain connotations of mystery and sexual tension. In order for lingerie to bring out the feminine spark within all of us, it is useful to choose sets that you feel most confident in. If that seems too difficult, try to find lingerie that makes you feel most like yourself - the result is the same. Are you a romantic dreamer fantasising about a fairytale-like love, or a dangerous femme fatale? What kind of story does your favourite lingerie set tell? Who are you deep down when the make-up and clothes have been removed and you are standing in front of a mirror, completely vulnerable, with all of your fears and joys, confidence and insecurities on display?

If while looking in the mirror you can see imperfections that you want and can change, then go for it. If not, then learn to love yourself just the way you are and be thankful for the life experience those imperfections might reflect. If some body part is causing you dissatisfaction, try and change the way you see it in your mind. A helpful tip would be to try and turn the negative adjective into a positive one, and just keep repeating it to yourself. Usually it only takes a small comment from a stranger for us to start doubting ourselves. It might seem unbelievable but if we build up negative energy and comments about ourselves in our mind, it can have the same effect as others saying it. By doing this, the negative thoughts will be fixed in our minds and our self-image will be distorted. But it’s true, the more consistently you put out positive energy and comments towards yourself, the more beautiful you will become both inside and out.

A Gift for a Gorgeous Woman

While the feminine energy of women all over the world is being celebrated on Women’s Day, make a list of all of the attributes that make you unique. Peek into every crevice of your soul until you find enough beauty to make you fall in love with yourself. Give yourself a gift that compliments your individuality and beauty. For men, when choosing lingerie for your significant other, we recommend keeping in mind the remarkable characteristics of your partner that you value the most and don’t forget to express those thoughts out loud when handing over the gift. Sensual lingerie that accentuates a woman’s beauty and loving compliments have more value than you might think.

Fall in love, enchant, spoil, share the warmth of your soul, and ignite the confidence of women around you. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than a woman who has blossomed and is embracing her femininity.