Sensual Christmas - How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level During the Holidays

Christmas is an ideal time for romance - sitting by a cosy fireplace with a loved one during the late yet magical magical hours of the evening. Sometimes all that is missing is a dash of mischievous fantasy to create a sensual mood and spice up your relationship. Luckily, there’s still time to make the holidays memorable and special. We advise you to continue reading our blog where Inna Must, the hostess of the online erotica shop Must Panter, and BonBon Lingerie, the key supplier of provocatively mystic lingerie in Estonia, give advice on relationships and sensual Christmas presents.


You will gain a deeper understanding of the difference between men and women in terms of sexuality, as well as a more in depth comprehension of gorgeous lingerie. We will also let you in on a simple and clever way of letting your loved one know of your gift preferences. Our BonBon team hopes you’ll enjoy reading!

Relationships and Toys

Modern day relationships are often compared to broken toys - it used to be common to just try to fix them, but now once something breaks, it is ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality. In reality, toys can be just the right thing to bring the necessary excitement and freshness back into a relationship. “All research surrounding the area of harmonious relationships indicates that couples need to change up their routine every now and then. The longer the relationship, the harder it is to find that sense of change”, states Inna Must. She adds “It takes women approximately 20 minutes to reach the point of orgasm, whereas it takes men about 5,44 minutes to do so. Durex has conducted studies which show that about 68% of women often don’t have an orgasm with their partner.”

Even though sex toys would most likely solve a majority of the problems mentioned before, Inna strongly believes that they are still considered a taboo subject for Estonian men. “It is believed that when a woman has sex toys, it is an indicator that a man alone isn’t enough. But that is not true!” Inna reflects back on the time she met her current husband, she had a grocery bag full of sex toys that she felt the need to get rid of in order to not hurt his feelings. “After I had taken the bag out and thrown it into the trash, I saw from my window how a homeless woman found it, looked into it, and joyfully walked away with it. That was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!” 

After a while, Inna admitted to herself that she really did like using toys but the wide selection she found herself in front of when looking for a new favourite made her feel lightheaded. That is how the idea to create an online shop was born - a shop where clients are directed straight to the specific product they need and guidance is offered in the face of scientific aspects. When choosing products, Inna holds quality in very high regards. In order to be sure of the product’s quality, she often gets in contact with her clients: “It’s not smart to put just about anything inside yourself. Intimate areas are extremely sensitive!”

Relationships and Games in Sexy Lingerie

George Bernard Shaw has said: “we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”. The same logic applies to relationships - if we forget to have fun, the relationship turns grey and wrinkly, until the spark completely fades out.

Merely lingerie and sex toys won’t cut it. Inna states that women tend to run out of ideas once they put on a spicy set of lingerie. She explains: “women don’t buy erotic lingerie solely for themselves; they most likely buy it with the purpose of spicing up the relationship. When a woman stands in front of a man in sensual lingerie, she expects to be seen. Women tend to have a conservative way of thinking when wearing erotic lingerie, they think about sensual activities and massages.”

In the mind of a woman, it is the man who is supposed to make the next step and when he doesn’t, she might end up feeling insecure and sad. Inna explains, “a lot of women are inexplicably insecure when it comes to their bodies. These types of women need a lot of compliments and reminders that their bodies are gorgeous no matter what and elegant lingerie highlights that. When a woman asks her partner: “Honey, does this lingerie suit me?”, it is a sign that she needs her loved one’s recognition.”

Even though lingerie is the best mode of ignition for men, we highly recommend reviving your world of fantasy together as a couple as well. This is the reason why women often also buy sensual lingerie along with mischievous things like sex themed card games, erotic games for couples, eye masks, and handcuffs. The couple’s ‘Box of Mischief’ which includes various products ready to be tried out together is also very popular. Open g-strings, G-spot vibrators, and remote controlled sex toys are a big hit among men as the latter stimulates their fantasy into depths unknown.

It is important to remember that games aren’t only for kids, don’t forget to keep in mind the targeted age group when buying toys and costumes. If you need more guidance in terms of ideas, the necessary help can be found within the Must Panter blog entries.

What Type of Change to Choose?

The foundation for all healthy relationships is open communication, reciprocal agreements and trust. Arrangements that work with one couple, might not have the same effect on other couples. Must Panter divides its female clients into four categories that give insight into what type of products can be found in the online sex boutique:

Health-Conscious Women

These kinds of women are aware that vaginal beads aren’t just a Hollywood craze from “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Instead, they know that this innovation provides a necessary and effective kegel workout to help build muscle tone. Strong pelvic floor muscles increase the intensity of orgasms, extend the duration of a man’s erection and help avoid urine leakage. Vaginal beads intensify the pleasure element for men as well during intercourse. 


Souls of Nature

These kinds of women are very in touch with their inner feminine energy and nature - they make conscious decisions and appreciate lubricants, orgasm gels and perfumes with natural ingredients. Very popular are libido increasing products that with the help of BonBon’s boudoir collection lingerie create the perfect condition for women to transform into irresistible goddesses.

Playful Women

These kinds of women love sizzling excitement and mischievous games that arouse fantasy. The luxurious combination of the BonBon kimonos and our signature open lingerie, like the Silver Mist open bodysuit or Red Flame collection, is a great way to create additional stimulation and add a veil of mystery. 


Women Who Aim to Finish

Foreplay is extremely important for women. According to Inna, Estonian women prefer discreet, yet sensual foreplay that consists of massage, pampering, tickling and a lot of kisses. Effective sex toys are those that have something to offer for both partners, such as vibrating penis rings and couples vibrators that help women reach the finish line faster and multiple times! 


Recommendations for Men: The Key to Success is a Confident Woman and a Playful Approach

Red Underwired Bra Frozen Blooms Red BonBon Lingerie Jana Boberg

It’s like the famous saying goes: “Happy wife, happy life”. However, for the wife to be happy their partner has to get rid of her fears and insecurities, and this is where he has the opportunity to work miracles. A majority of women look into the mirror and all they see are parts of their bodies that they are not satisfied with, which in their minds is what men see as well. But in reality, men don’t even notice those details and definitely don’t have the time to focus on what their partner can or can’t do when in bed and ‘ready for action’. For men, seeing pleasure in a woman’s eyes is the most arousing notion. Women on the other hand, need to be reminded of that aspect.

Dear men, this is where you can utilise your magical powers: shower her with compliments, encourage her to share her inner fantasies, map out each others erogenous zones, pick out a sex toy, seductive natural product or an exciting game together, and don’t forget to take her lingerie shopping.

A collective visit to the lingerie boutique creates a marvellous opening for you to support your partner during moments of insecurity that revolve around the aspect of body image. It is important to listen and notice her, be present, accept her choices and at the same time voice your preferences in terms of what you would love to see her in. The time spent together is a gift by itself already and an investment into a happy relationship. Not to mention, the sensual aspect of seeing gorgeous lingerie on your loved one cannot be overlooked!

Send Your Loved One a Christmas Hint!


Ladies, your significant other most likely wants to make you happy during the holidays. Sadly, our shop assistants have noticed that men aren’t often confident enough to buy their partner lingerie because they tend to not know their size nor preferences. This is why BonBon has come up with this exciting campaign that lets you send your sexy Christmas wishes along with your correct size straight to the gift giver’s email. Send your Christmas hint here!


Men, if your loved one still hasn’t let you in on her wishes, you can surprise her with your own initiative. Our BonBon professional sales assistants are more than happy to guide you in terms of correct sizing and design. 

BonBon Lingerie and Must Panter have been working together since 2018. The alliance was born out of mutual interest towards increasing the confidence and wellbeing of Estonian women, as well as a desire to offer premium quality products. Our BonBon shops in Ülemiste and Nautica shopping centre offer a selection of erotica products, and our most provocative lingerie is available in the Must Panter online shop.