Lingerie Isn’t Always Meant to Be Hidden

We are all familiar with the magically feminine feeling that emerges when putting on a gorgeous premium lingerie set. Sadly, it may seem as if some lingerie sets cannot be worn as regularly as one might want to. The reason behind this might be the desire to match colourful lingerie with the same colour clothing or to make sure it’s well hidden under other clothes so it doesn’t peek out from anywhere.


As time goes on, women are progressively starting to experiment with lingerie. Clever ways of adding contrast to one’s clothing are discovered through combining different colours of lingerie and clothes. Women are also more inclined to wear lingerie as the top layer of clothing - transforming a bra into a ‘statement piece’. BonBon’s lingerie isn’t meant to be hidden away under clothes. Therefore, we present to you 4 ideas on how to give new meaning to your favourite pieces.


Bra as a Top

A bra top seems to be the obvious choice here - it resembles a crop top but has a more memorable effect. In terms of styling, a bra top can be worn with for example a skirt or high-waisted jeans. Wear it on its own as a substitute for a top, as an extra layer on a T-shirt or underneath it - once you step out of your comfort zone you’ll soon discover that a bra top can be worn with nearly anything. BonBon Lingerie offers a range of bra tops from collections like the playful L.A. Girl, sultry Frozen Blooms, romantic Peaches and sensual Mara.

Black Bra Top Mara Black BonBon Lingerie

 Pictured: Mara Bra Top


Our one of a kind triangle bras are destined to spice up any outfit - especially a mesh top or one of BonBon’s signature bodysuits. Our triangle bra selection consists of our clients’ number one favourite Cecily, classical black and white Cher and Shades, and the colourful Peaches, Diva and L.A. Girl.


The braver ones can choose to experiment with underwired bras as well. There is nothing more seductive than a gorgeous lace bra showing from under a blazer or blouse. Do something unexpected - style your Foxy Ladies Brigitte silk Push-Up Bra with a formal outfit or wear your CeCe Underwired Bra as a corset under a formal blouse or on top of a full-length satin dress. There are no rules in the world of BonBon, your imagination is the only limit. 

Pink Underwired Bra Peaches BonBon Lingerie
Pink Underwired Bra Peaches BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Peaches Underwired Bra


A Bodysuit that Fulfils More than One Purpose

Give in to the fashion fever and get yourself a trendy bodysuit. We can guarantee that it will quickly become a part of your identity and the main ingredient of your clothing style - soon you will wonder how you managed to live without it! What makes a bodysuit unique is that it is not only extremely comfortable but also very easily styled with other clothes.


To achieve that ideal afternoon brunch style, neutralise a provocative bodysuit with a skirt or jeans. A sensual bodysuit sends hints to your significant other of what waits for them in the evening after removing all the unnecessary layers of clothing and revealing the lingerie in all its glory.


Our unique Silver Mist open bodysuit and the captivatingly playful L.A. Girl strappy Bodysuit will surely leave anyone speechless. If your goal is to find a bodysuit that follows the dress-code at a place of work, we recommend the elegant Infinity or Adelaide Bodysuits that are perfect for both an everyday-look at the office as well as to leave an unfading impression at formal events.

Purple Bodysuit Silver Mist BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Silver Mist Ouvert Bodysuit


Surprise yourself and others by entering society in the mysterious Vera or romantic Cecily Bodysuit. The emerald green Vera will be your secret weapon when wanting to spice up a monochrome outfit. On the other hand, the pure white Cecily helps combine the different elements of your outfit together - style it with a colourful blazer and formal trousers and we guarantee all eyes will be on you.

Yellow Bodysuit Cece BonBon Lingerie
Yellow Bodysuit Cece BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Cece Bodysuit


Nightdress Instead of a Silky Slip Dress

Let yourself be inspired by the most loved trend of the last few years - the little slip dress. Slip dresses gained popularity in the 90s when they became an irreplaceable addition in the wardrobes of world famous models and actresses.


In 1993, British supermodel Kate Moss shocked the public when she wore a full-length translucent slip dress - an unforgettable moment in the history of the slip dress. Even though the slip dress goddess title is reserved for Kate Moss, a lot of others fell in love with the trend as well. One of those people being Gwyneth Paltrow who gained attention in a sparkly slip dress designed by Calvin Klein - a name which is associated with the iconic trend the most. 




The 90s slip dress is a trend that till this day makes a comeback in the fashion world from time to time. It could be said that the iconic slip dress has become an essential clothing item in every modern woman’s wardrobe. At BonBon, we know this, which is why we ensure that at least one nightdress is added to our product range every season.


Our slightly translucent babydoll model is ideal for reviving Kate’s unforgettable slip dress moment. Match the Peaches Babydoll with the same collection’s panties or a light coloured bodysuit of your own picking. For warm summer evenings we recommend the Cecily Slip that catches the eye with effortless ease. Why not utilise this trend in autumn as well by adding colour to the season with the burgundy Diva Babydoll.

Red Slipdress Diva Babydoll BonBon Lingerie
Red Slipdress Diva Babydoll BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Diva Babydoll


If you’d rather wish to leave the see-through dress trend to supermodels, it does not mean this craze has to go past you at full speed. The mystical Mara Slip Dress is an ideal companion for the beach as well as sensual date nights. It offers exactly the right amount of coverage - knee length with an opaque black middle part. Mystery is added through the lightly see-through trim of the dress and lace embroidery on the bust area. If you prefer a longer length, our Cece Slip is also a great choice for you. The elegant nightdress presents an enticing combination of outstanding lace details and gently caressing premium silk. 

Pictured: Cece Slip


If your understanding of a trend differs from what has been stated above and you prefer opaque but short silky dresses, we recommend you consider either our Frozen Blooms or L.A. Girl Slip. Slip dresses are a perfect match with the two other biggest trends of 2020 - a size too big blazer and low stilettos. 


Two in One - A Wrap Dress and Robe

The biggest names in fashion predicted last year that kimonos are worth keeping an eye one in 2020. Kimono, which is the traditional clothing of Japanese culture, as expected, has made a comeback this year and overrun the shelves of some of the most reputable brands.

Photo: Gilda Ambrosio/STYLE DU MONDE

Photo: Giorgia Tordini/STYLE DU MONDE

Photo: Sandra Semburg/Vogue Paris


Stand out from the crowd in BonBon’s Cece long pink Kimono. The elegant piece with a unique flower pattern enchants with it’s timeless style. The bright colours pay homage to Japanese culture where a grand embroidered robe is anything but modest. Wear our kimonos as a wrap dress or a light coat on top of other clothing.

Multicolored Kimono Cece BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Cece Long Kimono


The elegantly flowing flounces of our Foxy Ladies Pamela Kimono create a sparkle in the eyes of anyone who glances at it. The bronze tone accentuates the wearer’s skin tone by giving it a gorgeous glow. When worn with a classical black cocktail dress, the kimono has a fresh and interesting effect. We will also let you in on a secret - wear a short kimono with high heels to make your legs look visually longer.

Brown Kimono Foxy Ladies Pamela BonBon Lingerie

Pictured: Foxy Ladies Pamela Kimono


Not quite sure, which of these trends compliments your body type the most? Read how to pick lingerie based on your exact body type from our blog.