Autumn-Winter 20/21: The Beauty of Withered Flowers

The Beauty of Withered Flowers

The inspiration behind our Autumn-Winter collection is dried flowers and their withered beauty. Or in other terms, the next stage of graceful beauty.


BonBon Lingerie’s designer Mirjam Mäeots-Kirisberg about the collection: ‘Ageing is not a process that necessarily ends in fading away. It’s a journey that instills confidence, beauty and courage. It makes us more aware of ourselves and presents us with an opportunity to rise higher and go even further. 


The collection is inspired by the different stages of a flower’s life cycle. More precisely, their stages of withering in symbiosis with mythological meanings. Withering conveys a flower’s journey to the next stage that in itself represents their chance to a new beginning. 


Wisteria’s mythological message is to look beneath the surface to discover what is hidden. With this collection, I directed attention to the beauty of dried, withered flowers and what is beneath what some might perceive as unlovely at first glance. Colours changing, textures arising. Bright colours turn pastel, silky surfaces fracture. Opaque layers transform into airy translucent reliefs. Some might perceive these changes as the end of a flower’s journey, whereas in reality they mark the beginning of something new. This applies to flowers changing their texture, scent and colour - the enchanting beauty of the next stage.’

This Autumn, prepare to be enchanted by BonBon’s bold colour range and unique new models. This season’s collections are a direct reflection of BonBon Lingerie’s core values as the range exudes mysticism and provocative elegance. We have created three boudoir collections, bringing back our signature open g-strings and bra, and surprising with our newcomer - a sensual low-cut underwired bra.


We have only used premium materials - the materials of the entire collection come from European manufacturers with years of experience in the field. A dash of luxury is added through shimmering crystals and other details in the tones of precious metals.


We introduce five new collections: Lilium Decay, Black Orchid, Pamela Blue, Pamela Ash, Night Lily. The romantic warm ivory tone Lilium Decay will be revealed first.


Lilium Decay - a Collection Inspired by Lilies

Lilium Decay is inspired by the extraordinary beauty of lilies and their reawakening. Lilies symbolise devotion, youthful beauty, and rebirth. The underlying message of lilies is that every ending is a new beginning. This is portrayed through tone and texture - their crumbling and skeletal leaves, translucent and shrivelled up petals. Extraordinary beauty that blossoms into new colours and reliefs. Lilies are special because they maintain their grace even when their bright tones turn pastel and the texture of petals translucent. This mystical process is conveyed through textured lace and beige tones characteristic to the collection.


Lilium Decay experiments with various textures and shades. It’s a collection with minimalistic undertones that are conveyed through small details. In other words, magnificent beauty in a refined form. What’s more, the collection has been created out of previous seasons’ up-cycled materials, reducing BonBon’s carbon footprint in the process and giving the materials a new chance to shine. The dreamy collection represents sustainable fashion from a trendy and modern viewpoint.


The collection is made up of 5 products: Underwired Bra, Push-Up Bra, Thong, Full Brief and High Waisted Panty.

Ivory Push-Up Bra and Thong Lilium Decay BonBon Lingerie

This shaping Lilium Decay Push-Up Bra in warm ivory tone charms with its textured lace and luxurious details. The feminine lace details give the minimalistic bra a sensual nuance, helping the wearer feel gorgeous and radiant throughout the day. Furthermore, the Push-Up Bra visually boosts the cup size and as a result creates an enviably enticing cleavage. The warm ivory tone bra is an ideal fit for different types of clothing thanks to its timeless cut.


The sensually revealing warm ivory tone Thong is made out of free cut materials in order to interlink comfort and sensuality. The back is embellished by an enticing lace that adds a nuance of romance to the minimalistic tone of the lingerie. Elegant decorative crystals reminiscent of lily hearts fill each day with a dash of luxury.

Ivory Underwired Bra and Thong Lilium Decay BonBon Lingerie

The delicate Underwired Bra is barely noticeable when against the skin in addition to offering perfect support for the bust by highlighting its natural beauty. The pattern of the lace resembles the texture of withered lilies. The soft beige tones inspired by lilies fused with gold details is an elegant combination that evokes beauty and grace.


The Full Brief will become your secret weapon - its soft waistband combined with free cut stretchy fabric maximises comfort and makes the Lilium Decay Full Brief a great fit for daily wear. The fusion of both opaque and revealing characteristics has a playful and attractive effect.

Ivory Push-Up Bra and High Waisted Panty Lilium Decay BonBon Lingerie

The High Waisted Panty helps shape your figure by accentuating the most gorgeous silhouettes of the body and instilling feminine confidence in the process. The opaque high cut front helps create a visually slimmer figure.


The Lilium Decay collection is now available in BonBon Lingerie’s online shop as well as our in-stores in Nautica Shopping Centre, Ülemiste Shopping Centre, and Viru Shopping Centre.