Women, Who Are Changing the World

BonBon Lingerie’s story begins with a woman and her dreams. The definition of a woman in today's day and age is far from what it was a century ago. Time where a woman’s position was clearly defined and her options very limited is now over to some extent. Meaning, gender discrimination has not been fully eradicated from the society and the dream of equality still lives on strong within the hearts and dreams of modern women. 


To fully comprehend the charms and challenges of being a woman, we will have a closer look at three inspiring female role models throughout time who have continually changed what it means to be a woman and by doing so, constantly remind us why we so dearly love being a woman. 


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, one of Hollywood’s most beloved and successful actresses, is honoured for her acting skills as well as her philanthropic efforts as the ambassador of UNICEF, making her one of the most outstanding female role models in history.


Audrey dedicated her life, which was highly led by love and compassion, to being a mother, woman, and a humanitarian. Films like Roman Holiday (1953) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) have left an everlasting imprint on women across generations. The latter fails to leave women of that era unimpressed as they are quickly taken over by the joy of recognition. The same can be said for modern generations who more than often draw their inspiration from the past.


Audrey’s remarkable ability to enter a role, her charismatic personality, and impeccable sense of style has left its mark on both the film and fashion industry, ensuring her characters to be one of the most widely cited in the world to this day. Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly as a mysterious and eccentric young woman is considered to be one of the most memorable and identifiable roles of the actress. Holly is portrayed as a free spirit who says out loud the most outrageous things and does not care about what others might perceive her as. She is a woman who lives by her own rules, a woman who continues to lead the way in the fashion world.


For the rest of her life outside Hollywood, Audrey devoted herself to working with children - being a voice for the voiceless. Audrey taught us that there aren’t any limits to what a woman can achieve during her lifetime. She will be remembered forever as both a fashion revolutionary and a passionate advocate for the well-being of future generations.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a woman who was taken from us too soon but who nevertheless, managed to touch the heart of humanity in more ways than one. From her ardent fight to change society’s perceptions of people living with HIV and AIDS, to raising awareness and understanding of bulimia - topics that were often viewed as taboo due to guilt and shame.


She was a woman who wasn’t afraid to oppose the power and speak the truth even when it was not expected of her or considered inappropriate. She was a rebel at heart who at the time shocked everyone with her innovative opinions and actions but who also, thanks to her courage, was able to change the world forever.


In addition to her untraditional leadership skills, Diana also stood out thanks to her experimental sense of style. Despite a very strict dressing etiquette, which Diana often violated at formal events with her provocative clothing, she always managed to look trendy, elegant, and dignified. She was the first member of the royal family to wear trousers at a formal event and offered plenty of subject matter when she decided to wear her tiara as a necklace.


Diana adored the colour black and wore it regularly without letting herself be taken back by the royal family’s custom of only wearing black at funerals and in mourning. Be it changing the perception of what a woman’s acceptable appearance should consist of or breaking ancient norms, Princess Diana taught us that we should always be critical of the standards society presents us with and stand up for what we believe in.



Beyonce, the idol for modern women, has for years used her remarkable talent and the aspect of fame that comes along with it to stand up for others and fight for positive change. A woman as adored as Beyonce is a role model for the whole female gender through being an embodiment of independence, power and confidence. In addition, she has addressed millions with her moving and meaningful messaging behind her music, making sure her voice is used for speaking on important societal issues.


Naming just a few of the ways in which Beyonce has used her influence for a noble cause: she has worked towards promoting gender equality as well as fought for granting women easier access to education. Being a representative of her race, she has been a leader and fighter against racism, involving the minorities in both her own creative process as well as her acts of charity.


In her latest commencement speech ‘Dear Class of 2020’, Beyonce addressed graduates, encouraging them to stand up to racism and sexism, emphasising how the future is in the hands of younger generations.


In addition to her unique timbre, Beyonce has also become known for her distinctive stage clothing - sheer revealing bodysuits. She has noted that the way she chooses to dress and the reasoning behind it is a statement on its own. Beyonce believes that every woman has the right to choose what she wants to wear and the freedom to be sexy if she desires so. The performer taught us that even though confidence is something that stems from inside, the right kind of clothing helps it grow into heights unknown. 


The World of BonBon

Women have not disappeared and they continue to change the world. Women from our past and their actions are a vital source of inspiration in the present and future. Remarkable women are all around us. Be they our leaders, like Finland’s youngest Prime Minister Sanna Marin, leading the country through the crisis, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, fighting for making education accessible for women, or our mothers, who have given us life and taught us everything we know - women around us are changing the world every day.


The world of BonBon has been around for 16 years, constantly evolving to offer fresh and unique ideas. Who leads the world of BonBon? Let’s take a closer look at the three female CEOs of BonBon Lingerie under whose leadership the company has become one of the most reputable domestic lingerie brands. They are the women who ensure the harmonious operation of the company and its continued development. 


They are our CEO of eCommerce Marge Muug-Tahk, CEO of retail Helen Tahk, and production manager Annika Lepik.


From left: Helen Tahk, Annika lepik, Marge Muug-Tahk


Marge Muug-Tahk

Marge is BonBon’s chairwoman, visionary, and the biggest admirer of our lingerie, there is something from each of our latest lingerie collections in her wardrobe. Marge’s responsibility is creating and maintaining BonBon’s brand image and under her guidance and leadership, digital customer service becomes a reality for the company.


Who is the BonBon Woman?

According to Marge: ‘The concept behind the BonBon woman has evolved from the most prominent and elegant women in history. There is no definitive answer to who a BonBon woman is, it isn’t reliant on numbers such as size or age as it isn’t a specific person - it is the energy that surrounds them. Our client is a confident and independent woman who keeps up with the times. A woman, who knows her worth and expresses it through her character. She embraces her feminine charms and is not afraid to publicly demonstrate them. She is optimistic and always open to whatever kind of new challenges life may present her with. She radiates provocative elegance as well as mystery, in order to leave one or the other for the wild depths of imagination. 


You are the face of BonBon. You are the author of your life and the main character of our story. The BonBon revolution stands for increasing women’s self-confidence. We dream of a world where a woman’s body is no longer considered a taboo topic and where women have complete freedom over decisions concerning their own life. Our task is to help women find their true selves and by doing so, become the best version of themselves.


Who run the world, you ask? Our answer is - women, and our mission is to provide them with wings on this magical journey.’


Annika Lepik

Annika started working as BonBon Lingerie’s production manager two years ago, bringing with her a total of eight years of experience in clothing production. Under Annika’s management, BonBon’s signature models and samples are completed in production development.


Design and Production Process

Annika: ‘One product gets made by the hardworking hands of 9 seamstresses, a collaboration where premium and timeless lingerie is born through love and care. All our products are unique in their own specific way as thanks to the 100% handmade aspect. Each item possesses the handwriting of every seamstress who contributed to its creation - a nuance that is often unnoticeable but adds connotations of mystery nevertheless.


In the creative process, we take into account aspects like seasonal trends as well as the desires of our clients. Our boudoir collection is considered to be BonBon’s peculiarity - various items, that also happen to be client favourites, appear as additional products in our beloved collections. We create lingerie with the mindset to highlight the bright personalities of our clients. We make sure to put emphasis on even the smallest details that give our products the final necessary touch and make them stand out from the crowd.’


Helen Tahk

Helen, only 26 years old, has been shaping the journey of our retail stores for almost 4 years, making her one of the most long-term and treasured members of our BonBon family. Her job description entails ensuring the smooth operation of our retail stores as well as making sure our customer service exceeds all expectations and leaves our customers with unforgettable emotions.


Lingerie and Confidence

Helen about lingerie and confidence: ‘I believe that lingerie and a woman’s confidence are very closely linked. Lingerie is the first layer that has the honour of being in close contact with a woman’s body when she starts to prepare for the upcoming day, and even if it is not visible to others most of the time, a woman’s own knowledge of the elegant lingerie set she has on that day adds a lot to her well-being.


Just like clothes, lingerie can be used to accentuate the best aspects of yourself, be it your waist, hips or bust area, and hide those parts that make you feel less confident. The right kind of lingerie is an irreplaceable aid to help conceal any excess belly as well as for making a smaller bust size look visually bigger and plumper. And what could be better than dressing yourself up in the sexiest lingerie set in your arsenal and seeing your loved one melt with the first glance at you… a beautiful, comfortable, and sensual lingerie set has the ability to make anyone do just about anything that the imagination allows!’


The Boudoir Line Combines Sensuality and Power

What it means to be a woman is a constantly evolving term that has no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. One thing for sure - being a woman is something to be extremely proud of.


To celebrate being a woman and help women get one step closer to the fulfilment of their deepest desires, we have created our infamous boudoir line. You will be introduced to 8 beauties when entering our boudoir world: mysterious Vera, charming Cher, sensual Red Flame, mystical Silver Mist, powerful Shades, captivating Penelope Flirt, irresistible Desire and dreamy Cecily.


Floral lace, delicate details, and elegant cut, all aspects typical of the Boudoir collection, tend to have an irresistible and stimulating effect. Bra with an outstanding design and adjustable g-string complemented by a suspender belt which is an exceptionally feminine and luxurious addition to any lingerie set. Playful bodysuits are for those who wish to spice up their life with mischievous excitement. Ouvert bras and g-strings are for women who are ready to take their lingerie fantasies to a new unprecedented level. In conclusion, lingerie is designed to provide a remarkable spectacle, be it for your own enjoyment or to share with your significant other.


Our clients are our whole world. To thank you for being your authentic self and inspiring us with it on a daily basis, for the first time ever, our Boudoir favourites Red Flame and Silver Mist lingerie sets are available with a 20% discount. The luxurious Boudoir range is an ideal companion to help conquer the world during the day, and a helpful aid in the bedroom during steamy nights filled with romance with your significant other.

Red Underiwred Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt Red Flame BonBon Lingerie

Red Flame and Silver Mist collections.


As the boudoir line is only available in limited quantities, be sure not to miss this great opportunity.