How to Find Lingerie for Your Body Type

Do you know whether you are a pear or an apple, and how does this knowledge lead you to finding ideal lingerie?

Finding your perfect match in terms of lingerie feels like love at first sight. It’s a mystical feeling when two objects are drawn to one-another. From one side, this phenomenon has nothing to do with your mind, and on the other side there are certain parameters in your consciousness that are the foundation for decision making. 

For a long time, men have desired women whose curves symbolise fertility - the ability to bear children and give birth. Fortunately, in today's Europe, you no longer have to worry about your body type in order to be appealing to the other sex. However, it is useful to know whether your body type is pear, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle or hourglass. No body type is superior to the other - every type has their unique characteristics. By making a smart lingerie choice based on your individual body type, you will be transformed into the most captivating version of you. For this to happen, you need to first get to know yourself better. Who are you?



  • Shoulders are broader than hips
  • Voluminous bust
  • Narrow waist
  • Small buttocks
  • Slim legs
  • Celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner

Your glamour is enhanced by lingerie, which creates a balance between the wider upper and narrower lower half. When it comes to tops and bodysuits, prefer V-neck options. In terms of bras, make sure they offer sufficient support and that the bust would be at a natural height. This way, all the attention is targeted at your gorgeous slim waist. For the same reason, prefer full briefs or thongs with a classical cut, and avoid high waisted options.


You will most definitely fall in love with BonBon’s collections like Wisteria LaneAmazonitePamelaL.A. Girl ja Lilium Decay. Especially with the underwire bras of those collections.

Luna Ouvert Bodysuit and Mara Suspender Belt will bring out a true femme fatale in you.

Your body will thank you if you pick the Smoky Quartz Thong or Angelina Full Brief.

Your best-of-the-best options are Mara and L.A. Girl Bra Tops.



  • Equally narrow waist, hips and shoulders
  • Sporty
  • Slim
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow

Your secret weapon is lingerie that creates curves and invites others to admire different parts of your body. All items with eye-catching details are perfect for enhancing bodily charms, particularly bras that have specially decorated straps and a sensual colour combination. Additionally, suspenders are a must-have item in your lingerie drawer - they create a gorgeous waist and accentuate the curves. 


Exciting collections that are simply just made for you are ShadesPenelope FlirtLove LustWisteria Lane ja Frozen Blooms.

Bras that accentuate the bust area, like push-up, balconette and triangle bras, are the best fit for your body type. Smoky Quartz Triangle Bra makes your bust area look visually more voluminous. Love Lust Bush-Up Bra captivates with its colour and frilly straps.

High Waisted Panties, like Wisteria Lane, that visually create sensual curves are the best fit for your body type

Suspenders (Mara, Wisteria Lane) instantly give you that necessary sense of sexy elegance.


  • Voluminous bust
  • Round waist
  • Narrow hips
  • Slim legs
  • Celebrities: Rebel Wilson, Dame Judi Dench, Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy

Your naturally curvy body is best accentuated by lingerie that creates the illusion of a taller body to balance out the size of your hips and breasts. This result is best achieved through V-neck tops and bodysuits as well as A-line skirts or flared trousers. Underwired bras assure a good sense of support which is especially important for a bigger bust. Lace and translucent bras create a delicate and natural appearance.


AmazoniteHaisleyWisteria Lane and Night Lily are the BonBon collections that have a hypnotising effect on your body type.

Full-cup and balconette bras are the best fit for a bigger bust. Smoky QuartzHaisley and Amazonite underwired bras offer a remarkably good sense of support and look luxurious while doing it. The Diva Underwired Bra provides mystery and elegance, in addition to a great sense of support.

A gorgeous bra is perfected by whichever type of thong but Amazonite and Haisley are a must-have!

What should be avoided are push-up or any other padded bras as well as strapless models. Thus, everything that makes a big bust even bigger. High-waisted panties also aren’t the best choice for the apple body type as they make hips look visually narrower.


  • Small bust
  • Slim waist
  • Hips wider than shoulders
  • Round buttocks
  • Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristen Davis, Christina Aguilera

Your body type is accentuated by lingerie that would keep attention on the upper part of the body, and not emphasise the hips. A clever way to achieve this is to choose a bra with eye-catching details. Frills are also a great way of adding extra volume to the upper part of the body. High waisted panties, soft push-up bras, and slips that draw attention to the bust are a go-to for your specific body type. However, if you happen to be bustier, then it is important for a bra to offer enough support, be in the correct size, and not make the bust visually bigger.


Your bust will receive a lot of attention in the Foxy Ladies Brigitte and Angelina Push-Up Bras, as well as in the Haisley Balconette Bra and Cecily Push-Up Bra.

Your charms are immediately recognised in HaisleyPamela ja Luna Bodysuits. Mara Wide Lace Underwired Bra will add some spice.

Your sense of passion is stimulated by the Haisley Slip

The Love LustSmoky Quartz ja Penelope Flirt Boudoir collections hide a sense of temptation that cannot be resisted. Don’t also forget the Mara Black Stockings that visually make your body look slimmer. 


  • The clothing above and below the waistline is the same size
  • Clearly distinctive bust
  • Clearly distinctive waist
  • Gorgeous, voluminous buttocks
  • Curvy hips
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Fergie, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence

You have a very feminine body type that lacks strict clothing rules. Your gorgeous body type is emphasised by all lingerie that follows the contour lines of your body, especially bodysuits. In terms of panties, avoid a lower cut design, everything else fits perfectly. In case of a smaller bust, the best fit are push-up and balconette type bras. However, in case of a bigger bust, avoid bras that have a push-up effect.


Your bust looks amazing in the Mara BlackSmoky Quartz and Amazonite underwired bras. Embody a pin-up-girl in the Mara Push-Up Bra and High Waisted Panties!

The title for your favourite slip dress will go to the sensual Mara with flowing flounces.

The Smoky Quartz collection will aid you in seducing your loved one.


  • Due to a voluminous bust, you wear bigger size tops from trousers
  • Slim waist
  • Round buttocks
  • Round hips
  • Celebrities: Beyonce, Christina Hendricks, Catherine Zeta Jones, Marilyn Monroe

Your desirable body is accentuated even more by lingerie that emphasises your gorgeous waist. It is highly important for a bra to offer a good sense of support when it comes to your body type. Lingerie that follows the contour lines of your body is a perfect fit for your body type, but try to avoid flounces and frills near curves (buttocks, hips, bust). With a taller upper body, you may notice that bodysuits tend to not offer you the comfort you may need.


The best options for you are AmazoniteHaisleyWisteria LaneSmoky Quartz ja Night Lily underwired bras. Comfort, support and confidence is offered by the L.A. Girl Bra Top, and the Ramona or Eleanor T-Shirt Bra. 

Mara Suspender Belt aids in creating a seductive mood. 

Angelina and Diva are collections that you will find extremely hard to resist! 

Find the Perfect Match!

Only by accepting your own body will you be open to meeting your dream lingerie destined for you. The ideal lingerie set offers physical, emotional as well as aesthetic satisfaction. Its softness and perfect fit, high-quality textiles and a creative process driven by love, are all factors that the wearer can feel on their skin. This type of lingerie gives women confidence and makes them feel great - a feeling that they will want to feel again and again. That way, this encounter will be everything you need for love to spark.

Come pick out the most fitting lingerie for your body type from one of BonBon Lingerie’s representative stores, your favourite resellers, or from our convenient online store!

Don’t forget, all of BonBon’s lingerie is appropriate for the bedroom, nevertheless your body type ;)