What Do Women Actually Want?

Valentine’s Day, the sacred holiday of hopeless romantics’, is just a hug, kiss, and a little laughter away. There is no right or wrong way of expressing one’s affection, consideration and other positive feelings. A passionate kiss from the prince of your dreams, perfected by a gorgeous red rose, might just be all what women desire on this romantic day.

However, how to make your significant other truly happy and assure that their smile stays on their lips for longer than till the next day? We asked this and a few other provocative questions from the creator of the all-natural skincare brand ÖLI and beauty blogger Reet Härmat, hostess of the mischievous Estonian lingerie shop Ulakas Kaunitar Kirki Kubri, and some of our BonBon Lingerie team fairies who in one way or another have contributed to bringing our clients gorgeous and premium designer lingerie. So what do we, women, actually want?

Describe Your Favourite Lingerie That Makes You Feel Amazing!

Reet Härmat:

“I feel the best while wearing a silk kimono over nothing but my ‘birthday-suit’, drinking a cup of morning coffee or doing my nightly beauty rituals in my cosy bathroom. My all-time favourites are BonBon’s Foxy Ladies Brigitte collection’s silk Thongs and Kimono. The delicate pink tone gives a goddess-like complexion to the skin and makes you effortlessly shine, no make up needed.”

Kirki Kubri:

“My arguably favourite piece of lingerie is a black lace bodysuit with a suspender-detail on the lower part that adds the correct amount of naughtiness to the overall look. I also love all types of lingerie with various mischievous peepholes.”


“I absolutely adore the Ayame collection’s soft black velvety Full Brief and Push-Up Bra. The classic yet gorgeous Angelina collection is also a very comfortable lace paradise. Additionally, all of BonBon's bodysuits are my indisputable favourites as they are fitting to wear both at work and under an elegant blazer or a cardigan to an event. On more celebratory occasions, I usually style one of the bodysuits with either a pencil skirt or trousers.”


“My favourite lingerie is definitely black. In terms of panties, high waisted, thong and cheeky all work for me, but my main requirement is that they are made out of a soft yet non-stretchy material. When it comes to bras, a slight push-up is my kind of style.”


“My favourite lingerie is reflective of these three characteristics: sexy, supportive, comfortable - just like the Vera Underwired Bra.”


“I feel most comfortable in an underwired bra with wide straps, and panty wise I prefer thongs.”


“My all-time favourite is black lace lingerie, like the Mara collection or anything latex.”


“On a daily basis, I prefer lingerie that doesn’t chafe, blends in with my clothing, and has the effect of shapewear in order to achieve an hourglass figure. I love all kinds of unique details like the Ayame collection’s velvety design, Red Flame’s strap details, and Brigitte’s silky corsets.”

Do You Have a Specific Lingerie Set That Ignites a Flame of Passion Within Your Relationship?

Reet Härmat

“The Desire set is arguably my favourite - timeless black and beige combination, and not to mention how it almost feels like a second skin. I also have a special accessory, a body harness, that goes with the set and adds that necessary nuance of sensuality to the overall look. Ideal for a date, as tested!”

Kirki Kubri

“Open design panties and bras are always a go-to for me”. From BonBon's boudoir selection, Kirki’s preferences are met by the Vera Ouvert Bra and Ouvert G-Strings, as well as Cecily Ouvert G-Strings and Silver Mist Ouvert Bodysuit.”


“The gorgeous Red Flame and Frozen Blooms Red collections are an instant mood-lifter for me.”


“Lacy lingerie combined with suspenders and stockings. For example, the Vera Buspender Belt and Angelina Stockings with a silicone strip are a match made in heaven.”


“I don’t have a specific lingerie set, but if I did, it would preferably be something sensually sheer.”


Mara Full Brief + Wide Lace Push-Up Bra, and the Red Flame collection always does an impeccable job of igniting the passion for me and my partner.”


“Desire collection’s strap details and Foxy Ladies Pamela’s sensual lace lingerie set always does the trick for me.”

Do You Like Receiving Lingerie as a Gift? If so, Describe the Gift You Would Love to Receive From Your Partner.

Red Underwired Bra Red Flame BonBon Lingerie

Reet Härmat

“Lingerie is always a great gift idea as it can be perceived as proof that your significant other is 100% in love with you and within the affectionate grip of your passion. When it comes to gift giving, I prefer bodysuits or red lingerie - red is universally known as the colour of love!”

Kirki Kubri

“I prefer buying my own lingerie.”


“From my significant other, I would expect to get something from the boudoir selection in which suspenders and stockings are an integral part.”


“I prefer picking out lingerie with my significant other. In terms of my gift preferences, a black kimono or a nightdress would be the perfect choice. My only concern would be him not getting the colour or style right.”


“From my Romeo, I hope to get a designer lingerie set from Fleur of England, which would include a bra, tangas, and of course, suspenders.”


“The only time I have received lingerie as a gift is when we picked it out together beforehand. My dream lingerie is one of Agent Provocateur’s sexier sets: bra, panties, suspenders, and stockings.”


“Receiving lingerie as a gift isn’t my first choice as I work in the lingerie field and thus, buying lingerie for myself is an extremely easy task. However, I would definitely love to get an Agent Provocateur set as a gift one day.”


“I do like receiving lingerie as a gift but I prefer to pick out a set beforehand with my significant other - it’s a sensually exciting experience as well as a gift - two-in-one. It should definitely be something different from what I normally wear. Something from the boudoir line.”

What Does Your Ideal Valentine’s Day Look Like?

This one is a no-brainer and tends to get the same kind of answer from women: “My ideal Valentine’s Day would be my significant other cooking me a romantic dinner!”. However, this doesn’t mean you have to take cooking courses if you lack certain culinary skills - women also love surprises in the form of a restaurant visit. Gertrud thinks that preparing a delicious home-cooked meal together, rather than alone, watching a movie, and enjoying good wine is also a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Eelin on the other hand has a tradition of meeting up with her best friends on this day. Kirki concludes the topic with a beautiful thought: “Any kind of surprise from my significant other makes Valentine’s Day a perfect occasion”. 

Have You Ever Received a Really Bad Gift for Any Type of Anniversary? 

Women admit that they haven’t received a lot of really bad gifts. However, we can assure you that a definite no is regifting something, like jewellery or whatever else comes to mind - no woman would like that. Spending money on something that doesn’t match the stylistic preferences of the gift receiver also might end up having a rather negative effect. For example, coming from personal experiences of one of our ladies, giving fake brand eyeliner to a woman who only uses quality makeup products, is a terrible idea. If gifts are made just for the sake of giving, they tend to be a miss rather than a hit. 

But everyone loves flowers, right? Well, turns out that one should first do a bit of research with this one as well. Reet explains: “I don’t like getting big bouquets of flowers, I prefer pot flowers or even better, enjoying the scent and colours of flowers in the nature or a gorgeous garden!” Everiin agrees with Reet on this one. 

What To Get Your Significant Other? Your Wish is Our Command!

It becomes evident that us women don't expect men to bring down the stars from the sky every month. A romantic dinner and sexy lingerie might sound cliche but it works every time. And we’re sure everyone agrees that suspenders and stockings are a timeless symbol of sex appeal that don’t only ignite the flame of passion within men but both of the sexes.