10 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

Studies have shown that around 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Women with an average bust size often believe that 75B is a universal size that fits them all. Even though this isn’t true, on average the most commonly sold size in lingerie stores is indeed 75B. Due to a woman’s body being in a constant cycle of change, especially during the miracle of pregnancy and breastfeeding, every woman should take their measurements before buying new lingerie. If you forget to do this or simply lack the necessary skill set, no need to worry because the marvellous lingerie experts in our BonBon Lingerie stores are more than happy to help you.

10 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

1. The back of the bra isn’t level with the front

The frame and wings of the bra are supposed to be on the same height placement - they have to form a straight horizontal line from the front to the back. This common mistake is easily identifiable with the help of a mirror. If the wings are higher up the back than the frame of the bra in the front, then make sure to loosen up the hook & eye closure on the back as well as the bra straps. If any of those tips don’t work, you might wanna think about trying on a bra with a smaller band size. It is also useful to remember to choose a bra that fits perfectly when secured on the outermost hook as the bra loosens over time. This way, you can make the band tighter by moving toward the tightest hook.


2. ‘Cup spillage’

The underwires of the bra have to fit perfectly around the breasts. If parts of the breast start to peek from the sides of the bra or over the edge of the cups then the cup size is too small and this leads to the ‘double breast’ effect.


3. The fabric of the bra is wrinkled or the cups have a sunken appearance

The cup size you have chosen is too big.


4. The band of the bra feels too loose 

The band of the bra has to be tightly around the body. If there is a 5cm gap in the back when the bra band is stretched outwards, the bra you are wearing is a size too big. Try to tighten up the band of the bra by the hook & eye closure on the back, or try on a smaller size bra.


5. The bra leaves indentions in the skin

If your bra leaves indentions in your skin after you have been wearing it for some time then the band size is too small. Yes, the bra has to fit tightly around the body but not in a painfully tight way.


6. The bra straps are hurting you

If the bra straps are hurting you, try to loosen them up. If this doesn’t make the pain go away, the problem might be that the cup or band size of the bra is too small. We recommend you first try on a bra with a bigger cup size and if that doesn’t work, go for a bra with a wider band size. 


7. The bra is pinching your armpits

This means that you need a bra with a bigger cup size.


8. The wires of the bra are poking out of the fabric

This happens when the cup size of the bra is too small.


9. The centre bridge of the bra is elevated

If the centre bridge of the bra isn’t directly against your skin, the cup size is too small.


10. The bra has to be adjusted over the course of the day

The right size bra shouldn’t move over the course of the day even if you have a very active lifestyle. If your bra hikes up when you lift your arms or you feel the need to move the bra back to its original place overtime, the size of the bra is wrong.

A Guide to Taking Your Measurements

Taking your bra measurements is easier than you thought! All you need to do is believe the measuring tape, and let go of the belief that you stay the same size for your whole life. Once you have found the right size for you, buying lingerie online gets so much easier as well. Not to mention how thankful your significant other will be when you give them your bra size as a clue before an upcoming special calendar date. Let's get down to it now:

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure directly under your bust around your torso where a bra band would sit. Ideally, it would be easier if someone could help you with this because the best result is achieved when your arms are relaxed on the side. Remember to also not hold your breath in while doing this. The measuring tape should be level both on the back and front and in contact with the skin. Once you have figured out your torso measurement, look at the table below to find out your band size:
  • 63-67 cm is band size 65
  • 68-72 cm is band size 70
  • 73-77 cm is band size 75
  • 78-82 cm is band size 80
  • 83-87 cm is band size 85
  • 88-92 cm is band size 90
  • 93-97 cm is band size 95
  • 98-102 cm is band size 100

  1. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest - at nipple level. The next step is to subtract your band size from your bust measurement. The answer you get is your cup size. Once you have figured out your bust measurement, look at the table below to find out your cup size:
  • 10-12 cm is cup size AA
  • 12-13 cm is cup size A
  • 13-15 cm is cup size B
  • 15-17 cm is cup size C
  • 18-20 cm is cup size D
  • 20-22 cm is cup size DD
  • 23-25 cm is cup size E
  • 26-28 cm is cup size F

Now add the band size to the cup size and you have your result!

Did you know that a bra’s cup and band size are connected with one another? This means that if the band size gets bigger, the cup size simultaneously gets smaller, and when the cup gets bigger, the band gets smaller.

Different size bras can be equal in terms of volume. Meaning, a size 70C can fit just as well as a 75B or 80A. Whichever one is the best, depends on the model of the bra itself.

Wearing a Wrong Size Bra Can Be Harmful to Your Health 

Women tend to buy clothes in sizes that they wish to be. This is believed to motivate them to lose weight and accomplish their ideal weight. But more often, it just deepens inferiority complexes and the feeling of failure. A bra however, should always be exactly the right size in order to fulfil its function: supporting your bust!

The wrong size bra doesn’t only look bad but can also be harmful to your health. Too small or too big bras can cause health problems that at first you might not think to blame on wrong size lingerie:

1. Irritated skin and pain in the chest area

The reason for this might be that the bra is too small in size or that it is over-worn. Typically, the lifespan of a bra depends on a woman’s size: curvy women should buy a new bra every 6-9 months and women with very slim figures every 18 months. A bra has gone past its ‘best before’ date when the fabric covering the underwires has thinned visibly and is starting to irritate the tender skin under the breast. An over-worn bra will also gradually stop supporting the bust as effectively as it did at the beginning.


2. Pain in the rib, neck, and back area

If a bra is not performing its main purpose of supporting the bust, the rest of the body has to pick up the load. Different women use different muscle groups to pick up the extra load but the result is nevertheless the same: muscle tension and discomfort.

3. Excess sweating and overheating

If the bra straps are pressing into the skin and the cups of the bra feel way too tight, your body will start sweating and might overheat. It is especially important to turn your attention to the type of bra you choose to wear when it is hot outside as it is important to pick a bra that is made out of breathable fabric.


4. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a high risk for women with an active lifestyle. A bra that is too small in size limits the upper body movement, resulting in rapid shallow breathing. Constantly disturbed oxygen consumption will eventually affect your whole organ system. 


5. Headache

Minimal support from a wrong size bra forces the upper body muscles to work extra hard. If those muscles are under intense pressure for a long time, it might result in getting a bad headache.



When going lingerie shopping, we encourage you to bring with you a good mood and an open mind. Positive thinking brings out your natural beauty, and gorgeous lingerie adds an aspect of elegance and charm. Finding the right size bra for yourself gives you a remarkably good frame of mind that will make you feel attractive and confident. A small change makes a big difference!