Nightwear for Office Wear? Celebrities Show Us the Way it’s Done

We spend at least a third of our life sleeping - so from a more mathematical point of view, we sleep for a total of four months every year. Are you spending this time in the best way possible or does your dream-night concept need a little bit improving?

When summery lace skirts are being moved back to the bottom of the closet to make room for trendy knitwear, it’s the best time to prepare for the chilly and dark nights by attending to the matter of your bedroom climate. The temperature of the room, your bed, pillows and duvet are only a fracture of what influences a good night's sleep. You also need to draw your attention to your emotions, comfort, and maintain your fiery passion in the bedroom. There is no easier way to do it but to invest in premium nightwear! The quality of your sleep and mood of the bedroom doesn’t only influence just one specific night of sleep, it lays the foundation for the next day and your overall state of mind.

In this blog entry, we will examine the outlook on nightwear and have a look at world-famous celebrities who have influenced this view. Can nightwear also be seen as an acceptable form of office wear? We are going to introduce you to some nightwear pieces that have the power to make you fall deeply in love with them from the minute you lay eyes on them.

Celebrities in Nightwear

In 1931, Vogue released an article that included instructions on where and how to wear nightwear:


“A woman can wear her pajamas during formal suppers at her home, dinners hosted by acquaintances both in the city and countryside, and the more innovative women can even wear their nightwear to the theatre”.


It is commonly thought that the act of wearing nightwear outside the home has just recently gained popularity and become a trend but the classic combination of style and comfort that is offered by a cosy top and trousers has been the secret weapon of many style icons for decades.


The gorgeous silent film actress Claudette Colbert was the first to wear nightwear on the big screen. Soon, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo followed her lead. Nightwear became an icon of style that was appropriate to wear in the morning, during lunch-, evening- and nighttime. The clothing had a sense of elegance that was solidified through the emergence of the silk nightwear collection created by the brilliant French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel’s influence on women’s fashion is impossible to underrate as she proved that high-end fashion can be comfortable as well.


Audrey Hepburn looked outstandingly stylish in every piece of clothing she wore as Regina Lampert in the movie Charade. However, the most memorable scene according to fans is the one where she wore a blue silk pajama set with white details.

Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss created a whole collection of nightwear to wear as everyday clothing. Selena Gomez has also caught the eye of journalists with her remarkable skill to combine her pyjamas with sandals, and look phenomenally good while doing it.


In 2016, nightwear dominated the Milan and New York Fashion Week with the designers as well as various fashion icons wearing it.


The Role of Nightwear in the Lives of Women All Over the World

There is nothing peculiar in wearing lingerie as a statement piece in this day and age. Some lingerie items are almost made for it. An example of this would be the BonBon bodysuits that are so easily combined with your everyday clothing. The illustrative photograph shows how Grete Ranniku styles her BonBon Infinity Bodysuit with her everyday outfit.

However, wearing nightwear outside the home still isn’t as common as catching everyone’s eye with sexy lingerie. But various items that classify under nightwear that are worn either when welcoming guests at home or working from a home office can also fill the role of everyday clothing. When working from home, people might not turn that much attention to what they are wearing as they would among colleges. But what you are wearing has a direct effect on your work effectiveness. This is revealed by dr. Karen Pine in her 2010 study conducted in the Hertfordshire University, where she states: “Our clothing doesn’t just affect the other people around us, it reflects and affects the mood of the wearer as well’’. A lot of participants of the study confirmed that their emotional state is closely linked to and altered by what they are wearing.

By choosing wisely, it is possible to produce positive emotions and through that improve both, your work performance and your frame of mind. To achieve this, there is no need to buy separate work wear because like said before, nightwear can be worn during daytime as well. Doesn’t matter if it is a busy weekday in your home office, or a cosy weekend amid the comforting walls of your home, gorgeous nightwear is definitely going to raise your mood to heights unseen. If you still feel unsure, think about Coco Chanel and all of the influential women who don’t shy away from flaunting their silky pajama sets on big city streets with a pair of trendy sandals or killer heels.


Finding Your Dream Lingerie

Finding the lingerie of your dreams isn’t always easy, but the satisfaction of discovering that special piece that becomes your favourite, makes you forget all of the other unsuccessful dates. BonBon has worked for 15 years towards making the dreams of women all over the world become a reality, and that everyone who visits the BonBon stores or distributors will find high-quality and comfortable lingerie for both day- and nighttime.


BonBon offers a wide range of nightwear items: robes, nightdresses, shorts, leggings, cami tops, and long sleeved tops. There are boudoir collections that instill feelings of sensuality and seductiveness, as well as luxurious classics meant to be worn on a daily basis.


Nightwear and Robes Made out of Organic Textiles

BonBon’s nightwear range made out of viscose, modal, and silk, is perfect for women who value organic fabrics. Viscose and cotton are similar within their composition as they are both made out of cellulose. Modal on the other hand, is an improved version of viscose - it is soft, light, skin-friendly, and it doesn’t crease easily nor will it shrink in the wash. Modal is considered to be the fabric of the future as its various qualities are something worth experiencing. BonBon’s Adelaide collection is made of premium Italian modal that has a gorgeous glitter effect. The Adelaide collection embodies a sense of romantic femininity with a side of confidence. The viscose Hannah nightwear collection is for women who love comfort and simplicity. The range features two of the most loved colours: black and ivory. The advantage of the collection is its wide range of products: nightdresses, cami tops, long sleeved tops, panties, leggings, and don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about men - boxers for him.


Luxurious Silky Femininity 

Silk, classified as a premium class textile, doesn’t need any further introduction: it is organic, delicate, soft and flowing, all-while accentuating feminine curves. Silk reacts to its surroundings - cools you down on a hot summer day and hugs you warmly during cold winter nights. Silk also allows the skin to breathe.

BonBon’s Foxy Ladies Brigitte collection is the queen of exclusive collections. The collection’s line of full silk nightwear is inspired by remarkable women from various decades whose spark and influence is everlasting. The muse of the collection is Brigitte Bardot - the icon of femininity.

BonBon’s Lingerie Wisdom

BonBon Lingerie knows that lingerie affects the wearer both physically and emotionally, even when there is little attention given to it. For example, luxurious collections (such as Brigitte, Adelaide) make us value ourselves more, hot-red lingerie (Frozen Blooms Red) increases the sexy temperament within everyone, and ruffled lingerie (The Diana collection Kimono) brings forward a playful mood and a feminine appeal.

Nightwear is an appropriate gift both to yourself and a loved one. It is a suitable form of office wear for working from home, an erotic surprise on a romantic date, and a comfortable and practical form of weekend attire.


Dear women, luxurious nightwear awaits you in BonBon Lingerie. Choose your favourites and radiate like a goddess during even the darkest winter nights, amidst the comforting walls of your boudoir! Step into the magical world of BonBon nightwear HERE.