Conquer the upcoming spring-summer season in the top lingerie picks of BonBon’s muse Helen Randmets

Nature’s awakening from winter slumber instills a shot of motivation within hundreds of sleeping beauties about to take back control of their kingdoms. The world belongs to confident women who dare to go against the outdated rules and make their own instead. BonBon’s 2022 spring-summer collection has been created for you, the victorious queens of the new era, offering an equal amount of royal luxury and wild sex appeal. It’s an unforgettable lingerie adventure that marks the beginning of a rebellious monarchy and the triumph of free-minded women.


Helen Randmets, the face and muse of the collection, pushes the boundaries of feminine beauty and success on a daily basis, as well as being a role model for self-realisation in the family, sports, art, and music landscape. Gaining recognition from a young age for her charming voice, Helen didn’t settle for the success she earned from the beloved female trio Nexus and returned to the music world as a more powerful solo artist instead. She isn’t afraid of being unconventional, showcasing her body in sexy lingerie, or proudly walking the runway of a bikini fitness contest. Helen states: ,,If you dream of achieving something, don’t wait to be discovered, a grand opportunity to reveal itself, or long-waited inspiration to strike. Start today and don’t be afraid to make yourself visible to the rest of the world. Even if some doors might not open straight away, never stop knocking!’’

,,Start today and don’t be afraid to make yourself visible to the rest of the world.’’

Red Underwired Bra, Thong, Push-Up-Bra, Full Brief, Suspender Belt, Stockings Dhalia BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Helen and Vitaliia feel confident wearing Dhalia Underwired Bra and Thong, and Push-Up Bra, Full BriefSuspender Belt ja Essentials Stockings.


Thinking about her music career, Helen states that in order to succeed, she has had to "grab the bull by the horns''. ,,Being distanced from music for years but at the same time dreaming of a comeback, I found myself asking how long am I willing to postpone fulfilling my dreams. If not now then when? Thus, I decided to redirect my life in the desired direction. I joined the WAF singing school which till this day offers a great deal of support and confidence. Same rules apply in singing that do in every other job - consistency is the only way to hone your skills and unfortunately singing a bedtime lullaby to children alone will not work. Next, I took it upon myself to find a producer who liked my lyrics and ideas. Participating in the Estonian Song Contest and its deadlines were a necessary boost of motivation that encouraged me to actually go after my dreams.’’

,,I found myself asking how long am I willing to postpone fulfilling my dreams.’’

As a mother of three and a successful fitness enthusiast, Helen knows from experience how important it is to take care of your body and how confidence is the key to success. ,,All women are different so it is important to find a way of increasing confidence that works best for you as an individual. For me, wearing high-quality and feminine lingerie plays a very important role. During the BonBon Lingerie spring-summer campaign photoshoot I had a dozen people on set with me and still felt extremely bold and powerful posing in lingerie. This is the magic of sexy and exceptionally feminine lingerie! My favourite collection from the new season has to be the light blue Lola. But Dhalia with the romantic red embroidery also won my heart. I prefer traditional black lingerie for a more everyday attire but including spring colours in my lingerie drawer always helps keep me feeling fresh and playful.’’

,,My favourite collection from the new season has to be the light blue Lola but Dhalia with the romantic red embroidery also won my heart.’’

Blue Triangle Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt, Stockings Lola BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Helen is wearing playful and delicate Lola collection's Triangle BraG-StringSuspender Belt ja Stockings.


In addition to adorning her body with gorgeous lingerie, Helen finds it very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. ,,At the moment, I no longer do bikini fitness at a competitive sport level but the basics of a healthy lifestyle are still the basis of my daily well-being and confidence. For me, bikini fitness was never just about losing weight or a project orientated at achieving one-time success but rather a long-term lifestyle change. By today, I have supplemented my knowledge on the nature and needs of the human body with a nutritionist certification.’’


Helen finds that her biggest inspiration and motivation in life are often the people she surrounds herself with, other cool women, and successful collaborations. ,,For me, socialising with people and sharing all kinds of thoughts and emotions with my girlfriends is crucial. A lot of good things in my life have begun thanks to inspiring people who have come together for a common goal. For example, Egle Eller-Nabi’s women’s fitness group or the WAF singing school. Obviously it’s easier to take on new ventures when you know you’re not alone. I am also a true believer that in order to increase your own femininity, it’s a great idea to surround yourself with other women and try new things together. Like meditate, have a tea evening, or take on a powerful heels dance class.’’

Red Ouvert Bodysuit and G-String Dhalia BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Helen is glowing in our sensual Dhalia Ouvert Bodysuit ja G-String.


Women supporting women through compliments and acknowledgment is also a significant way to boost your and other women’s confidence. ,,Getting a compliment from your own sex often has more significance than when a man does it,’’ says Helen. ,,Thus, I would like to encourage women to notice each other more and cheer on each other’s endeavours.’’

,,I encourage women to notice each other more and cheer on each other’s endeavours.’’

The courage to try new things has shaped Helen into an outstanding Estonian female artist. However, do you know what feminine courage looks like on you? Find your armour of courage from the five new spring-summer collections and start making your dreams a reality!



Lola plays an adrenaline-filled game between what’s allowed and what is not. Delicate and innocent on the surface, the light blue lace hides an abundance of mischief and playfulness in its fine pattern. Like a reserved princess, Lola’s soul yearns for an erotic adventure in which she conquers the world as a wild nymph, leaving all traces of modesty behind. This is your life and your era - experience all its amazing nuances, both sinful and royal! Unleash your mischievous side with Lola HERE.
Blue Underwired Bra, G-String, Bodysuit Lola BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Helen is wearing the dreamy Lola Underwired Bra ja G-String and Vitaliia the dreamy Bodysuit.


The unforeseen force Dhalia ventures on its own and obeys only its own desires. Once you decide to be the ruler of your life, all surrounding opinions become insignificant and the grey monotony of the world becomes a thing of the past. Freshly risen confidence glows in you like an enigmatic red flower, the grace of which tempts every passer-by to have a closer look. But the stems of Dhalia are strongly intertwined with your feminine nature, never bending in front of a heartbreaker again. Discover your femininity with the bold red Dhalia HERE.

Red Push-Up-Bra, Full Brief, Suspender Belt, Stockings Dhalia BonBon Lingerie

Vitaliia brings out her feminine power wearing Dhalia Push-Up BraFull BriefSuspender Belt ja Essentials Stockings.


Treat yourself to a piece of forbidden fruit. The deliciously pink toned Primrose tempts you to submerge yourself in your dreams, despite all possible restrictions. Once you submit to juicy pleasures and allow yourself to see life through rose-tinted glasses, all worries simply melt away while you grow into a feminine goddess. The fine floral lace carries the comfort of a paradise garden, making the Primrose collection as essential as breathing oxygen or enjoying the delicious smell of flowers in the air on a hot summer day. Give in to Primrose’s romance HERE.

Pink Underwired Bra, Full Brief, Puhs-Up Bra, Thong Primrose BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Vitaliia and Helen are feeling the romance of Paradise Garden wearing Primrose Underwired Bra and Full Brief, and Push-Up Bra and Thong.


Pearls reflect the most honest nature of the soul and the mature self-awareness of the wisest women in history. The abundantly rich Angelina exudes a sense of centuries long grandeur and the fine pleasures of royal life. Your body is the world’s most unique pearl that can never be replicated. Enjoy its beauty and worth with all your heart, relaxing amidst the premium enticingly white fabrics and a sensual sea of pearls. Be inspired by the glamour of Angelina’s white pearl - coming in June.

White Push-Up Bra, Full Brief Angelina BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Helen is feeling powerful in white Angelina Push-Up Bra and Full Brief (coming in June).


Happy beginning of spring and lots of passionate pleasures!