What Do Men Actually Want?

Truth be told, it isn’t that difficult of a question. In comparison to women, men have a much more straightforward way of thinking. Which is also the reason why there are so many more movies and books on the topic of ‘what women want’, rather than creations reflecting and discussing the needs of men. However, it is very likely that us women are the biggest consumers of those stories because let's be honest, often we don’t know either what we want. Or we are simply more interested in how the small intricate details of our emotional world work. As the month of November belongs to men, we gave them a chance to express their wishes and thoughts. 

In this blog entry we asked men, the charming Margus Vaher, actor Eero Spriit and comedian Louis Zezeran, to share their thoughts on the topic of lingerie/underwear preferences.

What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? Why have you chosen this type of underwear?

Margus Vaher:

“I’m not wearing any! I prefer to go commando in the summer when the weather is hot. Other times I wear boxers.”

Eero Spriit:

“At the moment I am wearing my Lois black cotton boxers that have a small illustrative figure of an angry white bull on them. They are comfortable and healthy. However, some nights I put on my full silk dark green boxers that have the sentence ‘HUG ME!’ printed on them in a tiny font. An essential part of my party outfit is my English flag boxers given to me by my colleagues. They have ‘Pull Down and Carry On’ printed on them in a big font right where the so-called flagpole is.”

Louis Zezeran:

“I haven’t worn underwear in years! Going commando creates a feeling of being free. Everything is just dangling as God meant it. Also, I found I was very particular about my brand of underwear as I only used to wear Björn Borg mid length trunks and that preference got expensive. It seemed easier to just give up on underwear completely. In the winter everything is packed away inside of jeans but in the summer it feels fresh and free to have nothing under the board shorts.”


“White, cottony. They are very comfortable!”


“White boxers. Cotton-like. I bought them in a hurry while vacationing. Because I am quite tall, my underwear tends to split in the middle so I prefer it to be stretchy and durable.”


“Black cotton boxers with golden design elements.”


“Blue cotton boxers. I have stuck with this choice for years.”


“Very comfortable boxers! Today I’m wearing black boxers but I tend to like underwear with interesting patterns. In terms of materials, I prefer cotton because it doesn’t irritate the skin and cause itching. However, when travelling I pack synthetic underwear with me - it allows the skin to breathe better when the weather is hot, and they also dry faster.” 


“I am wearing basic dark blue boxers. I prefer to buy them in bulk for a longer period of time. I like it when my underwear is all by the same brand, this way I’ll always know which pair is mine.”

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What type of lingerie do you like to see on women?

Black Wide Lace Underwired Bra and High Waisted Panty Mara Black BonBon Lingerie

Margus Vaher

“I like lingerie that a woman feels comfortable, sexy and good in. But my personal favourite is black lace. And red of course always looks fantastic on women. I also love the playful extra detail of suspenders and stockings when it comes to lingerie. Erotic lingerie is very cool! And by all means, if a woman wants to wear something comfortable at home then go for it, but lace has the most compelling eye-catching effect." 

Eero Spriit

“I like seeing women in lace lingerie sets that are just the right amount of see-through, and a pair of stockings and suspenders is also an essential part of this vision. Especially patterned or fishnet stockings. However, more important than the appearance of women’s lingerie is how it feels under a man’s touch and against his skin. Then the material becomes the most important detail. Considering this, lace lingerie isn’t always the sexiest as its texture is quite rough. Much more sensual materials are silk, polyester and capron. And of course, latex. It is a good addition when lingerie offers an exciting surprise that lets you enjoy each other without ever taking it off. It is completely unacceptable to wear underwired bras to bed though.”


Louis Zezeran

“Women are very sexy in lingerie! Not revealing it all is truly enticing. I like the suspense of not knowing what is beneath until the lingerie is removed. But I’m not a big fan of lace, you don’t want some big frilly thing like a Victorian ball gown. However, cotton fabrics are no fun either. All delicate materials are nice. I don't have strong views on colour. Push-up bras are also very sexy, however, I understand that women probably don't want to be thrusting their boobs in our faces every day. But on the right occasion, nothing beats a push-up.”


“I love it when women wear either black or red lingerie. Lace makes lingerie sexier but the term ‘less is more’ is applicable in this case. No need to overdo it.”


“Colour wise, I prefer red lingerie. Especially with stockings and suspenders. It should also be just enough see-through, this makes it more enticing. You see what you can. Of course, I can’t guarantee that this type of lingerie stays on for long though.”


“See-through and overly lacy lingerie doesn’t look very comfortable. This kind of underwear surely can’t be worn on a daily basis. Lingerie has to be comfortable, that’s for sure.”


“Black and white lingerie looks the best on women. The more lace and transparency the better!”


“Everything doesn’t always have to be revealing. Panties that cover more area can also be very sexy sometimes. Colour wise, definitely black and softer reds. But of course g-strings, stockings and suspenders. Suspenders have this old-fashioned magic to them - an elegant lady in the eyes of others, an enticing being underneath the covers.”


“Lace is super cool! I like it if a piece of lingerie has a small decorative bow on it. It is so cute - creates a sensual ‘good girl/bad girl’ contrast. Colour wise I like the classical black, red and white.”

Red Underwired Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt Red Flame BonBon Lingerie Anu Saagim

When it comes to men’s preferences in terms of women’s lingerie, there isn’t just one right formula. Some like to see women wear boudoir lingerie pieces that are lacy and see-through. For others, too many details is considered overdoing it. In terms of colours though, men are very much on the same page - classic black-red-white continually fascinates them the most. The most important aspect for men is that women feel comfortable and confident in whatever type of lingerie they decide to wear. 

BonBon’s Penelope Flirt, Desire ja Red Flame are classic yet provocative collections that transform women into confident temptresses. Angelina, Foxy Ladies Brigitte and Mara are glamorously feminine and bring forth a true goddess within every woman. Stockings and suspenders seem to be a very popular preference among men as well. BonBon offers a wide range of trendy suspenders that instantly fill any moment with sensuality.


What do you think about our green “Vera” open g-strings? 

Green Ouvert G-String Vera BonBon Lingerie

Margus Vaher

“Very practical! Very beautiful! They are so gorgeous that I wouldn’t even take them off of her.”

Eero Spriit

“Very cute, light and inviting.”

Louis Zezeran

“Wow is that really a peek-a-boo hole in the underwear? Was pulling the underwear aside proving to be a difficult problem? I guess it makes it easier for me to do an impromptu scene from "Basic Instinct" when the occasion calls for it.”

Do you have any funny stories to share regarding the topic of lingerie?

Louis Zezeran

“Not really a story more of a thought: all young men should learn how to unclip a bra with one hand! It’s a fundamental life skill like filling out your taxes or changing a tire. There are so many bra clip variations - the single hook or double hook, or two rows of hooks. Triple hook is a difficult one but these are the advanced skills men need to master in our modern world.”

Lingerie as a Gift

Interestingly, none of the men we questioned have had the courage to give women lingerie. The reason behind this is usually the fear of buying the wrong size and the gift receiver not feeling comfortable in it, or just that this type of gift needs a little too much extra planning. Louis has his own theory regarding this: “I think men believe a gift needs to be a surprise, but I think we should just ask for her size and then leave her guessing for weeks - this sounds like more fun.”

A recommendation from the BonBon team to you, dear men, is to look into your girlfriend’s lingerie drawer - this way, you will certainly find out her correct size. Our lovely consultants in store can also help you find the perfect lingerie set for your significant other. The best solution would be to go with your girlfriend to a lingerie store - this way the correct size and suitability, in addition to the sensual anticipation felt by the both of you, is guaranteed.

If gifting lingerie still seems too much of a challenging task, be sure to read Margus Vaher’s new book ‘How To Love a Woman’. This is Margus’ sincere, straightforward and humorous view on women, and an investment into the success of your future gifts. Order the book from here

If you want to find out about men’s deepest desires and thoughts in more detail, we recommend to go see Jesper Parve, Margus Vaher and Eero Spriit’s talk show ‘What do men actually want?’. The charismatic trio also has a new and exciting show coming out: ‘What men don’t tell women’.

Dear men, have a good Movember!