There are quite a lot of factors you should take into account when looking for a new lingerie set - from the compatibility of the color and your skin tone, to personality and lifestyle. However, have you ever wondered what type of lingerie is the best fit with your zodiac sign? We definitely have! Below you will find a detailed lingerie recommendation for every zodiac sign, in addition to several delicious summer offers.


Described as being impulsive and headstrong, you want the reins of life to always be firmly in your grip. The Aries star sign is characterised by unshakable courage, strong leadership qualities and determination. Aries doesn’t settle with the small victories in life, but yearns for grand and uplifting adventures. A mundane weekday has an especially energy-consuming effect on you than other zodiac signs, which is why you have to make conscious decisions to spice up your routine. BonBon Lingerie’s most fiery and erotic collection Love Lust displays those characteristics perfectly - audacious, passionate, powerful, and uncompromising when it comes to your desires. By wearing lingerie that fulfills the deepest needs of your soul, that special something is sparked inside you that makes people miss your presence and makes you irresistibly confident, both professionally and in the world of relationships. And what better time to embrace your character and be proud of it than this summer. The ever-so erotic Love Lust now 30% off both in-stores and online.

Red Un derwired Bra, Thong, Suspender Belt, Stockings Love Lust BonBon Lingerie


Tauruses are mystical and often resemble distant and otherworldly beings to others. The zodiac sign is at the same time sensitive and emotional, yet firmly strong and unshakable. It’s their intelligence to choose emotions according to the situation that makes Tauruses valuable companions among others. And Tauruses in turn like being appreciated! Romance, expressions of affection, and luxurious gifts make the zodiac sign’s eyes sparkle. When choosing lingerie, it is important to find a set that equally adorns both their sensitive and powerful character traits. A Taurus loves nature and rusticity, preferring embroidery with lush flower motifs and lively colour tones. The exotic Amazonite with a hypnotising colour gamma powerfully emphasises the primal femininity of a Taurus. The otherworldly mystical dark purple colour speaks of feminine maturity and dignity. The mint-green lace inspired by the amazonite crystal balances the powerful purple with its pastel hue, creating harmony between strong and delicate. Amazonite now 40% off awaits for you both in-stores and online.

Purple Underwired Bra and Thong Amazonite BonBon Lingerie


Gemini is a true queen of polarities who is able to adapt to any situation, representing diversity and playfulness. There are two beings hidden inside you - one of them a stormy femme fatale and the other a gentle soulful goddess. If people around you are afraid of changes, the latter gives you vitality. Creativity, fiery emotions, and their love for life makes Geminis desirable partners both career and relationship wise. However, the inner world of Geminis is rather full of disorder that is the result of their conflicting feelings and desires reaching in different directions. It is important to accept one's personality and instead of fighting it, give into it. Once a Gemini becomes friends with themselves, they are invincible! Born from the clash of feminine and masculine elements, Smoky Quartz is simply made to represent the Gemini star sign. Become a chameleon in the embrace of contrasting tones, embodying a femininely delicate angel at one point, and a powerful rebel at other. It is time to expand your sexuality and create a world where the contrasting polarities within you can coexist harmoniously. Draw strength from Smoky Quartz now 30% off both in-stores and online.

Black Underwired Bra, Thong, Stockings Smoky Quartz BonBon Lingerie


Extremely sensitive and vividly imaginative Cancers have a strong desire to fall in love. Sensuality and romance are your basic needs, without which a Cancer’s emotionality can take a dark turn. You are prepared to make sacrifices for the wellbeing of your loved ones but need to be careful not to forget your own needs. You are demanding of yourself, which is why beautiful lingerie and self-care routines are a good way to love yourself and boost your self-confidence. Highly feminine and seductive Primrose is BonBon Lingerie’s most romantic collection as well as the perfect fit for the Cancer zodiac sign. If you have wondered what the colour of love is or yearned to feel true passion, the answer to your dreams lies in the metallic shine of Primrose’s floral lace! Intoxicating light-pink petals help create a heavenly silhouette and fill your heart with radiance, romance, and feminine prosperity. Embrace your emotionality and fall in love with the most majestic beauty the world has to offer, hidden within you! The Primrose collection invites you to have a summer romance, now 30% off both in-stores and online.

Pink Underiwred Bra and Thong Primrose BonBon Lingerie


Temperamental and majestic Leo fills every room with a royal glow, no matter what company they are with. You are always prepared for heroic deeds and yearn for a fairytale-like glory and chivalrous love. Optimism and faith in the good keeps Leos youthful and seductive. The ability to flirt and enjoy attention comes in handy in all areas of life, but you have to be careful not to trust people too early on. For a Leo to be happy and successful they need to take care of their confidence. Adorning your body and surrounding yourself with luxury comes naturally for you, and gives you the energy to carry out your daily tasks with the joy and exuberance characteristic of a Leo. Blood red Dhalia, the color of courage and reverence, is designed to adorn the nature of a true Leo woman. The unforeseen Dhalia ventures on its own and obeys only its own desires. Once you decide to be the ruler of your life, all surrounding opinions become insignificant and the grey monotony of the world becomes a thing of the past. Freshly risen confidence glows in you like a scarlet red flower, the grace of which tempts every passer-by to take a closer look. But the stems of Dhalia are strongly intertwined with your feminine nature, never bending in front of a heartbreaker again. Wearing Dhalia, you will never lack the attention a Leo needs! Find the collection 20% off both in-stores and online.

Red Underiwred Bra, Thong, Stockings, Suspender Belt Dhalia BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets


The ever-so deep Virgos are enviably mysterious. They exude a rare sense of peace, tenderness, and determination. Those born under this sign have primordial wisdom and feminine strength in their souls, which will help them take on even the most difficult trials. You are charming and loved by many but often tend to wander off into your thoughts. Once you find lingerie that makes your heart beat faster, you get into better contact with your body and instead of overthinking, you will be able to enjoy new, sensual feelings. The wisdom that honours Virgos is best accentuated by the fine Angelina collection whose pearls reflect the most honest nature of the soul and the mature self-confidence of the wisest women in history. Your body is the world’s most unique pearl that can never be replicated. Enjoy its beauty and worth with all your heart, relaxing amidst the enticingly premium white fabrics and a sensual sea of pearls. Be inspired by Angelina’s white pearl glamour on your wedding day as well, embodying the most desired bride in the world. The Angelina collection is also available in black but the soulful and gentle natured Virgo gets their inner strength from light toned lingerie. Discover the Angelina collection both in-stores and online.

White Push-Up Bra and Panty Angelina BonBon Lingerie


Balance and elegance are your special virtues. Libras are motivated by the desire for harmony, as well as mental and physical balance. Cooperation and closeness with like-minded people are very important to you, which is why you value the approval and compliments of others. However, it can often happen that your focus is put too much on other people who may start taking it for granted. In order for you not to lose your balance and be able to value your own needs, it is important to find those inner values that you are proud of. Libra's harmonious way of thinking also makes them physically very attractive and seductive. Thus, as success often stems from inner confidence, Wisteria Lane, a collection that brings out courage and a feminine heart, is simply made for the Libra star sign. The gorgeous light purple collection displays a sense of harmony between the comfortable cut and sensual design. Wisteria Lane’s delicate fairy-like feel fits perfectly with the nature of Libras, while the luxurious decorative elements and eye-catching lace adorning the lingerie expands the zodiac sign’s comfort zone, making them feel proud of their appearance. Start a new chapter in your life, the limelight of which will reveal your hidden values. Wisteria Lane’s pastel dream awaits for you with a 30% discount both in-stores and online.

Purple Push-Up Bra, Thong, Suspender Belt Wisteria Lane BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt


Independent and magically mysterious Scorpios leave a great impression. They are either loved or hated. This doesn't make life easy for a Scorpio, but challenges don't scare them, rather encourage them to do better. Scorpios have the strength, willpower and energy of many people. However, all the above needs a correct outlet so that the intensity of a Scorpio doesn’t become tiring for them or the people around them. Attraction and eroticism are your secret weapons, which lead to passionate adventures. You are the most passionate lover and most dangerous seducer of the all the star signs. Your magical charisma opens doors in all areas of life and has a hypnotising effect on people. In order for a Scorpio's natural sex appeal to fully shine, you need to adorn yourself with bold and erotic fabrics. The mystical black fabrics of the Mara collection embrace your body with an exciting touch, allowing the Scorpio’s characteristic sex appeal to fully shine. The deep-black fabrics of the Mara collection seductively wrap themselves around the body, taking the wearer along on a dangerous journey, where even the darkest of fantasies and most sinful desires become a reality. Discover your darker side with the help of Mara. A side that has been waiting for the opportunity to resurface as the hallmark provocative cuts of the collection breathe life into the mystical and fiery night-temptress hiding inside your soul! Embrace your darker side with Mara, available both in-stores and online.

Black Wide Lace Underwired Bra, Stockings, Thong, Suspender Belt Mara Black BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt


Often described as a risk-taker, the playful Sagittarius is always ready for adventure. The world seems small to their wild curiosity, and their actions are motivated primarily by strong feelings rather than rational considerations. It is not unlikely for a Sagittarius to fall in love and trust people easily. This, however, may be the cause of a lot of disappointments and heartache. Nevertheless, Sagittarius has the vitality and self-confidence to overcome all obstacles and find solutions to even the most complex problems with ease. A Sagittarius does what they want, despite what anyone else thinks. Such unpredictability and a certain childishness makes people love the company of a Sagittarius. It’s just never boring! Thus, your choice of lingerie should not be boring either. Accentuated by an exciting range of colours and designs, Pamela perfectly feeds a Sagittarius’s desire for excitement. The collection includes lingerie in both an elegant ash-grey and royal deep blue tone, which treat you like the ruler of the world with their grand patterns and soft touch. Pamela tells a story of a woman as gorgeous as a peacock - a woman who knows her worth and enjoys the spotlight. Give your playful nature a seductive lingerie adventure in Pamela's divine fabrics, now 40% off both in-stores and online.

Lead Grey Ouvert Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt Pamela BonBon Lingerie Anastassia Perevoztšikova


The strong-willed and independent Capricorns stand out with their unique energy, honesty, and directness. Once a Capricorn has made up their mind, it’s difficult to change it. This type of confidence makes them irresistibly sexy. Capricorns know their worth and do not share themselves lightly. Representatives of this zodiac sign are warrior women who are able to rule the world alone and without any traces of hesitation. However, Capricorns also need closeness and tenderness, even if they don’t always admit it. You are powerful on your own, but by surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will turn from powerful to invincible. The self-awareness and wisdom that flows within you is the foundation for great actions that can improve the world. But keep in mind not to forget about the pleasures of life and your secret sexual fantasies. To do this, BonBon Lingerie has created the ruthless warrior Luna. The Luna collection makes a Capricorn’s body glow, boldly revealing all of their passion-igniting treasures. The exposing design and seductively translucent fabrics are a song of praise about the beauty of being a woman. The timeless black lace displayed against warm skin tones acts as a fierce layer of sex appeal, passion and courage. Unique details and powerful tones inspired by the magical smoky quartz ignite your confidence. Meet your soulmate Luna both in-stores and online.

Black Ouvert Bra ang G-String Luna BonBon Lingerie


Aquarius is from another planet. Your otherworldly mysticism, sensitivity and creativity make you a truly enigmatic zodiac sign. You are a romantic dreamer whose imagination knows no bounds and whose emotions can crash above your head like the waves of the sea. You have an enviable intuition that helps you orient yourself among the people around you. You recognise goodness and honesty, which is why you are able to make wise decisions both in your career and relationships. Such an inner compass has an awe-inspiring effect on the people around you, which is why the zodiac sign is highly valued in society. The ever-so angelic Haisley is ideal for adorning the dreamy mind of an Aquarius. The elegant Haisley with a silver glow resembles a celestial angel from an autumn night’s dream, whose body is adorned with surreal cloud-like wavy ornaments. The remarkably idyllic design of the collection displays two contrasting elements - a more classical formal feel combined with a rare dose of exciting yet peculiar details. With Haisley, you push your limits and become even more intuitive and sensitive as an Aquarius. Begin your summer romance with the extravagant Haisley, now 30% off both in-stores and online.

Steam Balconette Bra, Stockings, High Waisted Panty Haisley BonBon Lingerie


Romantic and sensitive Pisces is deeply feminine and has a very strong instinct for love. You like to go through life trusting your emotions when making decisions. Love and being close with loved ones is their number one priority. Pisces often lives inwardly and can suffer from excessive emotionality. Low self-esteem and disbelief in the fulfillment of their dreams can divert Pisces from the path of success. Therefore, the zodiac sign must do a lot of work with their inner world, devote themselves to growing their self-confidence and consciously look for good emotions in life. Water is the safe zone and soul element of Pisces, which is why the light blue wave of Lola is the perfect fit for this star sign. Seemingly gentle and innocent, the ocean-toned lace hides and abundance of mischief and seduction within its fine pattern. Lola’s sensual fabrics mischievously curve around the body and enhance your confidence. Playful designs go well with the versatile inner world and rich imagination of a Pisces. In your element, you are one of the strongest and most successful zodiac signs. Come check out Lola both in-stores and online, now 30% off.

Blue Underwired Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt, Bodysuit Lola BonBon Lingerie Helen Randmets

Did the compatibility of your zodiac sign and selected lingerie collection come as a surprise to you? Or is it already your long-time favourite? Tell us about it! Discover our summer sale up to 80% off  both online and in-stores and update your lingerie drawer with the most suitable collection for your zodiac sign without guilt.