Model: Kevad Belle Saarepera

Picture: Anna Kriger



March is internationally known as women’s month! Every day, but in March especially, we invite you to notice and appreciate the wonderful women around you - whether it is your sweet mother, love of your life, soulmate-sister, best friend, hard-working colleague, inspiring public figure, or the ever-so amazing YOU! The beginning of March brings out the sun which instills positive energy and fresh ideas - a time when femininity and the powerful creative energy inherent in women arise together with spring. Contribute to the victory of women by charging your close ones with the necessary confidence that will last for the whole year ahead. The easiest way to achieve this - a special gift adorned with a personal message.

Making gifts is a love language, a language that BonBon Lingerie speaks fluently. A thought-out gift made from the heart says more than a thousand words, and fulfilling the wishes of women is our speciality. Designed by women for women, our focus from the start has been fulfilling the needs of women. Characteristic of luxury goods, we put a lot of emphasis on the comfort, sustainability and aesthetic beauty of our products because we know what it feels like to be a woman and we love it more than anything! Keep reading to find out why luxury lingerie is always a valuable and practical choice for every woman.


What kind of a woman dreams of luxury lingerie?

Kevad Belle wears provocative Tiger Dreams bodysuit.


She appreciates rich and clean nature, and the fair quality of life of workers.

BonBon Lingerie is a small family company, the manufacturing of which consists of 17 seamstresses with long term experience in the field. We appreciate the wellbeing and fair pay of our workers, which is furthermore strengthened by the fact that most of our seamstresses have been with us from the beginning years of the brand. Each of our products gets handmade through the teamwork of up to 15 specialists in the field.


To reduce the ecological footprint of the brand, our manufacturing focuses highly on textile recycling with the wider goal of doing our part to preserve the natural environment. We use every part of our fabrics to avoid unnecessary textile loss. The excess of lace and textile that accumulates from the production of one collection finds creative use in product development as well as renewing existing collections, instead of being thrown away. We can proudly state that today, all of our new collections are made out of at least 50% recycled or reprocessed materials. Additionally, our entire swimwear line produced from textiles made from recycled plastic extracted from the ocean.


We are one of the few Estonian brands who have firmly decided to keep their manufacturing domestic. The decision to produce 100% of our products in our small manufacturing unit in Tallinn means that we can be certain of the ethics of our production chain, save the environment on transportation volumes, and contribute to the development of the local economy.


She cares about her body and values comfort over anything


Kevad Belle is wearing mystical Tiger Dreams underwired bra


High-quality European fabrics and the skilful handwriting of devoted seamstresses is a harmonic combination which creates collections that adapt to the characteristics of a woman's body. One product can be made through the teamwork of up to nine different seamstresses, who together work towards the common end goal of luxurious comfort. Each and every fabric is selected so that their dyes do not contain toxins that are dangerous to the body. By using the highest quality materials and detail-oriented production processes, we are able to make products with a long lifespan that endure years of wear and guarantee a sense of long term comfort for every woman. In addition to guaranteed everyday comfort, wearing lingerie made with love deepens your confidence and pride over your body.


We create lingerie for women with various missions - whether it is an active lifestyle, ritual of self-love, or seducing your loved one. One thing for certain - whatever her mission might be, we ensure around the clock support and a necessary touch of sparkle to her confidence.


If she appreciates everyday comfort and quality the most when it comes to luxury lingerie, we recommend getting acquainted with our Angelina, Tiger Dreams, Dhalia and Kitty Hawk collections. The bra sizes of these collections range up to 90E and panty sizes up to XXL, offering support for all types of bodies.


She seeks uniqueness and likes to feel special daily

Kevad Belle wears lively Sweet Escape ouvert bra, g-string and suspender belt.


We have devoted ourselves completely to creativity and fantasy. Our vision isn’t solely limited to cuts, design, and materials. Instead, we create lingerie that shapes identity. Collections with a magical background story take you on a journey during every wearing experience, where the only limit is the wearer's own colourful imagination. Being a premium brand, BonBon’s lingerie is produced in limited quantities which avoids contributing to overconsumption all the while promoting unique design in contrast to fast fashion.


During the design process, we take into account the latest trends as well as the feedback of our clients. Thanks to our years of experience we know what models work the best because our toughest critics are our clients. We know the principles of colour theory and how gorgeous products are directly related to a positive mood. Thus, find out if she is a traditional woman who appreciates timeless colours, or a revolutionary risk-taker who doesn’t shy away from even the most daring options. Or maybe, she is the kind of woman who simply needs a little push to venture onto the journey of discovering her sexuality and all the endless possibilities of the world.


If her identity is directly linked to her uniqueness, the best options for her are our most detailed and colourful collections like Coco Heart, Sweet Escape, Penelope Flirt, Pamela and Bite Me, that make even the most conservative pair of eyes stare in admiration.


The perfect gift - BonBon Lingerie’s gift card


However, if you are dealing with a chameleon, with whom it makes more sense not to to risk making the wrong decision, giving a hint always works, i.e. the sensation that is gaining more and more popularity - BonBon Lingerie’s gift card. Perfect as a last minute gift as well, the luxurious gift card conveys the gift-givers' considerate and caring nature. Depending on whether the recipient prefers shopping from the comfort of her own home or a more personal shopping experience that makes her eyes sparkle, you have the option of choosing between our virtual and physical gift card.


The virtual gift card is the key to BonBon’s magical world of lingerie where your loved one will be greeted by the widest selection of our sensual handmade lingerie. The gift card values range from 25-200€ and one card can be redeemed in several installments. Once you purchase a gift card, we will send you a unique code by email that can be activated in the shopping cart or printed out with a beautiful design. All that is left to do is hand-deliver it to the lucky recipient and we will make sure that when the time is right, this luxurious gift will bring the world's greatest joy to that very special woman in your life.


Physical gift cards are available at BonBon Lingerie’s retail stores. We offer gift cards in the value of 10€, 25€, 50€ and 100€, which we will neatly wrap up in the gorgeous signature BonBon envelope. With our physical gift card, you give the most special woman in your life a luxurious shopping experience which she will never forget. Our expert sales assistants are ready to assist you at our Ülemiste, Viru and Nautica stores, where you will experience personal customer service, the enigmatic atmosphere of Estonia’s most luxurious lingerie boutique, and an in-depth introduction into the world of luxury lingerie.


Be sure of your choice! When making a decision, please note that the virtual gift card can only be used in the online store, while the physical gift card can only be used in all three of our boutiques in Tallinn. It is not possible to later exchange the online store gift card for a retail gift card or vice versa.


Kevad Belle is wearing playful Tiger Dreams bodysuit


Give your gift the last necessary nuance


In order for your chosen gift to be even more glamorous, we will add the following to every purchase over 100€:

  • A FREE luxurious BonBon Lingerie signature gift box wrapped up in a gorgeous pink ribbon.

  • A pink card with BonBon Lingerie’s logo, on which you can write a personal message to the lucky recipient in the most touching way.


The Women's Day campaign lasts until 8.03 and is valid in BonBon Lingerie’s boutiques in Ülemiste, Nautica and Viru centre as well as online store. To receive a free gift box in our retail stores, mention the offer at the checkout.


Dear women, thank you for being you!

You give our work a purpose!

- With love, BonBon Lingerie