TV-star Brigitte Susanne Hunt and artist Ivi give erotic advice on how to organize an unforgettable boudoir photoshoot

Have you ever wanted to see yourself through other people's eyes? To see your own beauty and uniqueness, something that might be difficult to notice yourself. A boudoir session is one of the best ways to discover your feminine sex appeal, highlight natural beauty and take your self-confidence to the next level. The photos will capture the glorious moments when we feel the most powerful, attractive and desirable, adorning ourselves in exciting boudoir lingerie. It is the reflection of our divine nature, acting as a secret weapon that gives an immediate self-confidence boost in moments of self-discrimination and self-doubt.

True, the idea of ​​an erotic photo session may seem scary at first but if you choose to dress yourself in lingerie that fits you like a glove and enhances your feminine energy along with creating a sensual environment around you, this fear will quickly become an irresistible pleasure.


This spring, BonBon Lingerie's most scandalous photoshoot brings together two powerful women - the brave Brigitte Susanne Hunt and the showstopping singer Ivi. Read to find out their encouraging secrets and very first experience with a boudoir photoshoot.

Captured by: Arnaud Lafeuillade

"My first memory of boudoir lingerie dates back to my first relationship - I visited him abroad and surprised him with a sexy black lace bodysuit.” - BSH

Red Ouvert Bodysuit and G-String Dhalia BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt

Brigitte wears an eye-catching and extra sensual Dhalia ouvert bodysuit and g-string.


What type of lingerie makes you shine in front of the camera?

BonBon Lingerie is best known for its signature boudoir lingerie selection featuring bold ouvert styles, from which anyone can find something special for the more steamier moments.

"I feel the sexiest when I have a glowy tan, my makeup and hair looking gorgeous, wearing a luxurious perfume and high heels, and good music playing in the background.” - BSH

Our newest, the unforeseen Dhalia boudoir selection, turns both the mood of the session and dim bedroom into an erotic playground, so that you can experiment with all the pleasures of your body with no limits. The erotic symbiosis of the powerful red and soft beige makes you the ruler of sex appeal and the true star of the photoshoot. Get inspired by the beauty of Dhalia and choose your new sultry set here.

Red Underwired Bra, Thong, Suspender Belt Dhalia BonBon Lingerie

Ivi is wearing our most sensual Dhalia underwired brathong and suspender.

However, if you want to create a more delicate, almost dreamlike atmosphere, the light blue Lola boudoir will transform you into an innocent angel with a mischievous side. The gently see-through striped fabric and baby blue lace create a mesmerizing spectacle, the enticing effect of which reflects both in the photos and in your lover’s eyes. Its time to put aside your modesty and start your erotic adventure here. 

Blue Underwired Bra, G-String, Suspender Belt, Stockings Lola BonBon Lingerie

Ivi mesmerizes wearing angelic yet mischievous Lola underwired bra, g-string, suspender and stockings.


To unleash the darker fantasy world and your inner feminine vigor, choose Luna as your boudoir shoot partner in crime. The timeless black lace caressing your body feels like an armor of pure sex, passion and courage. Fan-favourite Luna is constantly sold out for a reason - Luna's erotic ouvert cuts and revealing details raise every woman's self-confidence to unforeseen heights, making the encounter unforgettable for both you and your chosen one. Awaken the femme fatale within you with provocative Luna.

"All the lingerie I wore during the BonBon Lingerie photoshoot made me feel extremely special and badass. But if I had to pick just one to surprise my man in, it would definitely be the Luna ouvert bodysuit. Black lingerie always wins! ”- Ivi

Black Ouvert Bodysuit and G-String Luna BonBon Lingerie

Ivi feels irresistibly smoking wearing Luna ouvert bodysuit and g-string.


If your goal for the photoshoot is to express your infinite love for your chosen one, reveal yourself in the romantic Love Lust lingerie collection. In the embrace of the erotic Love Lust, your feminine sex appeal acquires supernaturally irresistible powers and all your mischievous secret fantasies come to life. The flaming red collection catches all passing looks into its seductive trap as it weaves an indestructible web of love between you and your significant other. Your steamy session in the fiery red Love Lust is dying to begin.

"It's very difficult to choose only one favourite from the BonBon Lingerie collection. How can anyone resist red lingerie? On the other hand, a sexy bodysuit is always a flattering and feminine choice. And wearing all-black is as timeless as the little black dress. ”- BSH

Red Push-Up-Bra and G-String Love Lust BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt

Brigitte ignites the inner flame in red hot Love Lust push-up bra and g-string

The Mara Black stockings and sultry suspender belt with a sensual pattern are a naughty addition to any lingerie set, spicing up the view and adding strength to your feminine influence. Submit to the black magic and offer them an unforgettable spectacle that will last for years to come here.

Black Wide Lace Underwired Bra, Thong, Suspender Belt, Stockings Mara Black BonBon Lingerie Brigitte-Susanne Hunt

Brigitte feels the most powerful in Mara Black wide lace underwired bra, thong, suspender and stockings


If you seek to tease your lover only a little with the pics without compromising the sexiness, we recommend the slightly see-through long-sleeve bodysuit that offers a tempting peek-a-boo effect, leaving some for the imagination. The beloved Pamela collection offers a bold choice of demi cup and ouvert bras, but also charms with its diverse bodysuits. Create a sensual mood with Pamela's eye-catching lace here.

Blue long-sleeve Bodysuit Pamela BonBon Lingerie

Captured here playful long-sleeve Pamela bodysuit.

"My secret to overcoming insecurities and creating a sexy mood has always been dancing. Moving in front of a mirror in a flattering lingerie set will make anyone fall in love with their natural beauty! ”- Ivi

However, if you desire to create a BDSM inspired session, we suggest going with the fantasy-igniting Smoky Quartz collection. Just like a chameleon, the lingerie’s contrasting tones invite you to embody your inner dominatrix one moment, and a delicate goddess the next. Expand your sexuality and take your righteous throne with Smoky Quartz here.

Black Push-Up-Bra and Full Brief Smoky Quartz BonBon Lingerie

Shown here our powerful Smoky Quartz collection in contrasting tones - push-up bra and full brief.


Create an everlasting effect by using playful feathers and whips

A boudoir photoshoot is THE opportunity to create the world of your dreams, in which only the boundaries and rules you have set apply. Don’t forget to bring your courage-boosting naughty toys, the erotic selection of which you can find now exclusively in our Ülemiste and Nautica Center stores.

"My first memory of buying boudoir lingerie is from the time I was 15 years old. I secretly saved up to buy my first ever pair of lace stockings. I adored wearing and secretly dancing in them when there was no one else at home. ”- Ivi

Let your imagination fly by experimenting with mysterious face masks, teasing feathers and mighty whips.

Black Ouvert Bodysuit Luna BonBon Lingerie

All eyes are on Ivi when she is wearing Luna ouvert bodysuit


Make the result even more intriguing with captivating nipple pasties

From today, we offer passionate Bijoux Flash reusable sticky nipple pasties with a selection of glitter silver hearts, glitter black stars and glitter black crosses. Let pasties be your secret weapon for tempting your observer and further increasing their pleasure. By combining the pasties with the boudoir set of your choice, you will feel even more liberated and confident when posing in revealing lingerie. If this isn’t enough to convince you, the pasties are also the life-saving solution for dresses with an open back or deep neckline.



Blue Bodysuit Lola BonBon Lingerie

Ivi has matched silver heart-shaped nipple pasties with the playful Lola bodysuit.

Don’t wait another minute to discover the erotic world of nipple pasties, because in April when buying a Dhalia triangle bra, you’ll get heart-shaped red nipple pasties for FREE!


"For two years now I’ve been feeling the most confident and feminine in BonBon Lingerie!” - BSH

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