BonBon’s Guideline for Washing Your Lingerie

How do you take care of your body and do you have the same caring and delicate attitude towards taking care of your lingerie? If no, then we advise you to change that. Lingerie is in close contact with your skin on a daily basis which is why it is extremely important to know how to correctly take care of your lingerie.

Your lingerie is an essential part of your wardrobe and style as it’s with you every step of the way. You can choose a skirt and blouse instead of a dress, or a jacket instead of a coat, but lingerie is something you will most definitely decide to wear. Lingerie offers an intimate touch on your skin all through night and day, affecting you both on a physical and emotional level.

High-quality and luxurious lingerie gives you confidence even when no one else except you can see it. A lingerie set that hasn’t been taken care of correctly affects your frame of mind as well as your physical body. It can cause discomforts like irritation on the skin, allergies, and pain caused by the lack of support for your bust area.

How to Extend Your Lingerie’s Lifespan if it Needs to Be Regularly Washed and Taken Care Of?

Treat your lingerie with love

In order to feel great, you need to have a certain level of respect towards yourself. By being good to yourself, you immobilise the magic of your touch that will in-turn send loving energy towards your body. This mantra is taught by intelligent women who work in the women’s magazine industry as well as yoga teachers. We support this frame of mind as in our opinion, lingerie should be treated with the same level of respect and love. Whether you believe in the magic of touch or not, your attitude towards your lingerie still plays an important role. It will either keep you happy and satisfied for a long time or quickly lose all its positive effects. It is a good idea to wash your lingerie with a good mood, this way you project positive energy into it. If in doubt, don’t risk it - it is better to carry sunshine in your pocket than take a risk with a thunderstorm! 

Sort your laundry

If you are washing your lingerie, make sure to sort your laundry by colour and type of materials. Whites and light colours can be washed together, darks separately. Information about the materials can be found on the product label. Lace lingerie, wool sweaters and sportswear will have to find their own matching companions, since mixing of the opposites in the washing machine can lead to catastrophic consequences in which the delicate fabrics will be the ones suffering.

Use the right detergent

Delicate garments need delicate treatment. Therefore when washing lingerie, make sure to use delicate laundry detergent that is specially formulated to take care of any fine clothing you have. The wrong type of detergent might leave the fabric rough and ruin its appearance. Also be careful with how much detergent you use, follow the exact instructions on the packaging. Putting in too much detergent might leave traces of it within the fabric and in the worst case scenario, evoke allergic reactions to the detergent.

Follow the instructions on the product label

Just like there isn’t only one right way of taking care of a gorgeous lady, there is more than one right way of taking care of lingerie. Every bra, panty and nightwear has their own ‘soul’, just like a woman does. Luckily, all it takes to get to know a piece of lingerie is to read and follow the instructions left by the manufacturer. If you decide to ignore the information on the product label and think it doesn't actually matter what temperature or how you wash, dry or iron the clothing, you are making a big mistake. The instructions on the product label are rules, not suggestions! The punishment for ignoring those rules is losing a gorgeous piece of lingerie.

Prefer hand-washing 

BonBon Lingerie recommends always hand-washing your lingerie. The three highly integral steps of hand-washing are soaking, washing and rinsing. For soaking, lay your lingerie in cold or room temperature water mixed with laundry detergent and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Then, gently rub the lingerie between your fingers or with a soft brush to get any excess stains off the garment. If there aren’t any stains on the lingerie, lift the garment up and down from the water with 2 minute intervals. For rinsing, leave the lingerie in clean water for 5 minutes. Don’t use any force or twist your gorgeous lingerie after rinsing, just gently squeeze the excess water out of it. For removing excess water from a bra, a good idea would be to put it in-between two towels and gently press. Avoid centrifuge!

Does a Washing Machine’s Hand-Wash Programme = Hand-Wash? ja

Even though a lot of washing machines have a program specially meant for delicate fabrics, it still doesn’t 100% replace the good that hand-washing would do to your lingerie. If you still decide to wash your lingerie in a washing machine, remember to put the delicate items into a laundry net bag beforehand. In addition, when washing a bra, remember to close the hook & eye closure to avoid ruining any other garments you have in the wash. Laundry net bags meant for delicate garments are available in the BonBon Lingerie product selection.

You should be especially careful when it comes to underwired and push-up bras, as they might lose their original shape when handled incorrectly. Bras with a thick cup should be adjusted back to their original shape while still damp and then left to dry on a flat surface. 

Hand-washing your lingerie is the best way to extend its lifespan in order for it to look and feel brand new even after several months.

If you care for your lingerie with great love and consideration, a dash of luxury is guaranteed within your every day.