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The white fabric of Lola's Stockings has an enigmatic silver glow, illuminating the path to luxury and confidence every step of the way.

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STAR OF YOUR LINGERIE DRAWER - White stockings transform you into a captivating goddess and give the last glamorous touch to any party dress.

SIMPLICITY IN AN ELEGANT KEY - The minimalistic lace trim on the stockings along with the classic pattern instil innocence and girly simplicity.

ADORNING YOUR LEGS - Lola’s Stockings visually lengthen your legs while the stretchy elastane makes them irresistibly silky.

Lola plays an adrenaline-filled game between what’s allowed and what is not. Delicate and innocent on the surface, the light blue lace hides an abundance of mischief and playfulness in its fine pattern. Like a reserved princess, Lola’s soul yearns for an erotic adventure in which she conquers the world as a wild nymph, leaving all traces of modesty behind. This is your life and your era - experience all its amazing nuances, both sinful and royal!

Rebeka is wearing size S

Crystal Blue

Main material: 86% Polyamide / 14% Elastane


Made in Estonia

Product code: 52203

We are committed to helping you find the perfect lingerie. To find the right size for you, measure your size and find the right size using the size chart.

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Bra sizes


Measuring instructions

To ascertain your bra size, please firstly measure your underbust circumference under your breasts. According to the result, you will find a suitable bra circumference on a scale of 70-95 from the table.

Secondly, please measure your chest circumference on the highest point of your breasts and match it with a corresponding cup size on a scale of A-F. Follow the row of your bra circumference size.

1. Chest circumference
2. Underbust circumference 

Maintenance instructions

Bonbon Lingerie lingerie has been made with the utmost care to suit you. Take time to wash your hands so that the laundry does not lose its beautiful appearance and shape. Your finer lace panties would also delight in such treatment. However, if you decide to machine wash, be sure to use a laundry bag and gentle wash program. The washing machine breaks the metal frame of the bra, as a result of which the frame breaks the laundry and the ring starts to ruffle out of the tunnel. It is also not impossible for the carcass to disappear between the drums of the washing machine. Then, in addition to the bra, the washing machine also needs repairs. Snow-white laundry also loses its shine and turns gray when washed in the machine.
When washing, keep the water temperature under 30 degrees. Higher temperatures can break the threads of certain materials and cause excessive stretching. Avoid using fabric softener, rinse aid and bleach and choose a detergent designed for delicate laundry. After washing, place the laundry to dry in air. Do not iron or use the dryer, as the heat will break the elasticity of the laundry. More information about washing and storing laundry can be found from here.

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We ship to over 20 countries with duties and taxes included. If applicable, duties and taxes will be included in the final price at check out and your order will be shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). Upon delivery, you will not be required to pay any additional fees.


We offer three different shipping methods depending on a country:

  1. Local shipping via parcel machine
  2. International shipping via parcel machine or pickup point
  3. International shipping via courier


Please note that shipping fee will be calculated at the checkout based on the shipping destination. We offer free shipping within Estonia on orders over 75€ and and free international shipping to all destinations on orders over 150€. If you would like to receive tracking information about your shipment, please email us at


As soon as the parcel has reached the destination parcel machine, an SMS message and / or an e-mail with instructions to receive the parcel will be sent to the telephone number / e-mail address indicated by the supplier in the order. Then please go to the machine and enter the door code sent via SMS / e-mail on the touch screen and the door will open.




All orders will be dispatched within 1 to 2 business days after placing the order, excl. holidays and weekends. Transit time includes only weekdays. Orders must be made before 11:00 a.m. Eastern European to qualify for next day a.m. shipping (within Estonia).

Estonian orders

Delivery service

Shipping costs

Transit time

DPD pickup point


1-3 days



1-3 days

Itella Smartpost


1-3 days

DPD courier


1 day

International orders parcel machine or pickup point


Shipping costs

Transit time

Latvia, Lithuania

5€ DPD
8€ Omniva

1-2 days


10€ DPD
12€ Itella

1-4 days

Sweden 10€ 1-4 days

Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia


2-6 days

Austria, Ireland, Spain


4-7 days



5-7 days

International orders courier


Shipping costs

Transit time

Latvia, Lithuania


1-2 days

Finland, Sweden


1-4 days

Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia


2-6 days

Austria, Ireland, Italy, Spain


4-7 days

Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Portugal, Romania 


4-7 days


In case your order hasn’t arrived during the delivery estimate, please contact us at




To avoid delays, please make sure the delivery address included in the order is correct. We always recommend that you check that the correct postcode, apartment number and other necessary information are provided so that the shipment will arrive on time without any obstacles. It is important to provide a telephone number so that the postal service provider can contact you if necessary. More than 95% of our international shipments arrive in less than 2 weeks, but it's worth noting that delivery can take up to 4 weeks under normal circumstances.




We have done our best to make the return process as easy and fast for our customers as possible. The return process depends on your chosen shipping method.


We accept returns that have been issued within 14 days of the receipt of your order. You have the right to withdraw from your purchase agreement if the items have not been used or damaged (the items can be used for the purpose of familiarisation and their suitability tested). The items also must be returned with all original tags attached. BonBon Lingerie offers a FREE RETURN service for all shipping destinations in European Union.


Currently we do not offer size exchanges on the same product or for another product of equivalent price. If you wish to exchange your product, please return the unsuitable product and place a new order on our website. You will be issued a refund as soon as the return will be issued in our warehouse.


To return a product:

  1.  Fill out the return form that you received with your order.
  2. Package the product in a way that it can not be damaged during the transport. We recommend returning products in their original transport packaging.
  3. Return the package according to the instructions of your chosen delivery service provider, which you can see in the next section.

PS! Particular care should be taken when returning push-up bras as they can be permanently damaged if improperly packaged. Please make sure not to fold the cups of a push-up bra.



If your chosen delivery service is Omniva, then please go to your nearest Omniva marcel machine or post office. To return the parcel, the return code sent via SMS must be entered on the touch screen of the parcel machine. When returning, please keep the check confirming the posting, because BonBon Lingerie Sales OÜ is not responsible for the items lost by the logistics company.



If your chosen delivery service is Itella Smartpost and you received the parcel from a blue parcel machine, then please go to the nearest Itella Smartpost blue parcel machine and select “return parcel” on the touch screen. Then enter the same door code you used to receive the package. If you received the parcel from a white Itella Smartpost parcel machine, please go to the portal (or if you ordered from Finland) and fill in the necessary data for return (on the left is 'Return' and you will be directed from there). Then go to the nearest Itella Smartpost white parcel machine and enter the parcel barcode. When returning, please keep the check confirming the posting, because BonBon Lingerie Sales OÜ is not responsible for the items lost by the logistics company.



If your chosen delivery service is DPD, you will receive a SMS message and / or an e-mail with the PIN and / or QR code required to return the parcel. Please go to the nearest DPD parcel machine and enter the PIN code on the touch screen or scan the QR code. Based on this, the parcel machine will print a return label for you, which you must affix to the parcel and then insert into the machine. When returning, please keep the check confirming the posting, because BonBon Lingerie Sales OÜ is not responsible for the items lost by the logistics company.



If your chosen delivery service is DPD and you ordered outside of Baltic counties, you can receive your parcel via pickup point or courier. In your package, you will have a return label, which you should use if you need to return your order. Please attach it to the package and drop it off at the nearest DPD pickup point. If you wish to return your package via courier, please contact us at and we will give you further instructions on how to do so. When returning, please keep the check confirming the posting, because BonBon Lingerie Sales OÜ is not responsible for the items lost by the logistics company.




Refunds are processed within 14 working days of receipt onto the original method of payment. If our E-Gift Card was used on an order, it will be refunded first and can be re-used with the same code. Shipping fees are not included in the refund.


If you have any questions regarding shipping, returns or exchanges, please contact our customer service team at Our helpful team responds to inquiries within one business day.

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